International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering | December | 2015

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December-2015 Issue

2015: Volume 3, Issue 12
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Secure DHCP Protocol to Mitigate LAN Attacks
Osama S. Younes
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Survey on Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Viswacheda Duduku, V Ali Chekima, Farrah Wong, Jamal Ahmad Dargham
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
An Enhanced SSVEP BCI Application through Emotion: Preliminary Results
Hadi Mohsen M. Oqaibi and Anas M. Ali Fattouh
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Improve De-Noising Based on Singular Value Decomposition
Nidhal K. El Abbadi, Naseer R. M. AlBaka, Ghadeer Hakim
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Security Model for Scady Grid Toolkit Analysis and Implementation
Rakesh Bhatnagar,  Jayesh Patel
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
ACO Swarm Search Feature Selection for Data stream Mining in Big Data
Shivani Harde, Vaishali Sahare
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Study of RF Source Ignition System with Impedance Matching Network for RF Driven H- Ion Source
D. V. Ghodke, Rashmi Patel, V. K. Senecha, Papiya Dutta, Ranjan Kumar, B.K. Arya and S. C. Joshi
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Secured Multi-Hop Routing Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lakshmanarao Battula, Dr.P.Vamsikrishnaraja
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Survey on Secure Authorized Deduplication using Private and Public Cloud
S. B. Chaudhari , Supriya G. Jadhav
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Survey on Effective Bug Triage with Data Reduction
Kirti Shamrao Tandale, Prof. Bhavana Pansare