International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering | February | 2016

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February-2016 Issue

2016: Volume 4, Issue 2
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Haider A. Alwzwazy, Hayder M. Albehadili, Younes S. Alwan, Naz E. Islam
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Use the Singular Values Decomposition in the Text Encryption with Encryption Key Is Real Number
Mohammed Abdul-Hameed Jassim Al-kufi
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Image De-Noising Based on Simple Total Least Square
Nidhal K. El Abbadi, Naseer R. M. AlBaka, Ghadeer Hakim
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
n-Dimensional Copulas on Quantum Logic
Ahmed Al-Adilee, Ammar Jalil Almosawi
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Optimization Algorithms for Feature Selection in Classification: A Survey
S.Ruba Arockia Archana, Dr.M.S.Thanabal
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Survey on Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
Prof. Autade P.P, Prof.Gaikar M.R, Prof.Khairnar N.K.
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Survey on Complex Secret Key Generation Method Based on Manifold Chaotic Mapping Scheme for Speech Encryption
P.Sathiyamurthi, Dr.S.Ramakrishnan, S.Sharmila, B.Sandhiya
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Headlight Intensity Control Methods A Review
Devashree Chilla, Manasi Joshi , Sanjyot Kajale , Seema Deoghare
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Test Case Generation from Activity Diagram Using Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm
Sukhjinder Kaur
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Survey on Online Bus Pass Generation System using Aztec codec
Akshay K, Abhisek Chowdhury, Keerthana D, Manjula K, Rajeswari S