International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering | June | 2016

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June-2016 Issue

2016: Volume 4, Issue 6
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
An Enhanced Framework for Change Detection in Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Eng. Mostafa Mosaad, Dr. Fawzy Eltohamy, Dr.Mahmoud Safwat,Ashraf K. Helmy
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Design and implementation of Deadlock Avoidance for On Chip Buses with Elastic Buffer and Error Correction
Chithra Somasundaran, Sariga p s
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Keyed Intrusion Detection System for KeyRecovery Attacks
Dipali R. Patil, Prof. Vina M. Lomte
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Secure Approach for Data Hiding using Visual Cryptography
Sankar Das, Asoke Nath, Arijit Samanta, Abhishek Roy, Saptarshi Bhattacharyya
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Standard Rules Based Approach to Classify Phishing Websites
Pavan Kumar S.C, Anitha .G
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Descriptive Study of Software Testing & Testing Tools
Shalini Gautam, Bharti Nagpal
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Detection and Prevention of Data Hacking in Net Banking Using Visual Cryptography Technique
Madhurani B Shiddibhavi, Pundalik Ranjolekar
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Content Based Image Retrieval using Statistical Feature and Shape Extraction
Piyush Kothyari and Shriprakash Dwivedi
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Impact of Energy Storage on Hybrid Ac-Dc Micro-grid During Pulse Load
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
More Refactorings: Aspect Oriented Programming with AspectJ
Geeta Bagade, Dr. Shashank Joshi
2016: Volume 4, Issue 7
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Enhanced Security using Hybrid Encryption Algorithm
Neha, Mandeep Kaur
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Maintaining Integrity and Security for the Data Shared in the Cloud
Gayathri Dili, Anu V.R
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Fused Index Code Based Multibiometric Pattern Retrieval Security System
PrajaktaS.Jadhav, S. V. Patil
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
An Exhaustive Research Survey on Vedic ALU Design
Manjunath K M, Dr. K N Muralidhara, Manasa K Chigateri, Manjuvani K M
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A New Scheme Location Based Caching In DTN for Efficient Data Access
Archana D. Shinde, Jyoti Raghatwan
Research Article:  IJAREEIE
OCR based automatic book reader for the visually impaired using Raspberry PI
Aaron James S, Sanjana S, Monisha M
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
RFID Based Automated Control and Detection System for Traffic Violation
AK Priya1, M Yamini, S Pavithra, S Shalini devi, Shaik Thasleem Banu