International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering | November | 2016

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November-2016 Issue

2016: volume 4,issue 11
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
BER Performance and Decoding Time Enhancement of LTE Turbo Decoder
Yamaan I. Majeed , Ali F.Jumma
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
An Evaluation of Different Network’s Architecture Design
P.Karthika, G.Thirumani Aatthi, M.Saranya, S. Suryakala
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Examine Effective Bug Triage with Software Data Reduction Techniques
Jam Jam Satyanarayana
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Modeling and Recognition of Characters, Words and Connecting Motions in the Air
Deepa. D, R. Dharmalingam
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Survey on Prediction of Bus Arrival Time using Global Positioning System (GPS)
Pritesh Chauhan, Rajat Dange, Advait Deshmukh, Vimal Chandrashekharam
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
A Survey on Energy Optimization in WSN using Distributed Clustering Approach
Swati Dewangan, S. D. Mishra
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Keyword Mining and Co-Word Construction by Proposed Tagging, Statistical and Graph Based (TSG) Algorithm
R. Nagarajan, S. Anu H Nair, P. Aruna, N. Puviarasan
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Comparative Study: Proprietary Software vs. Open Source Software
Gauri Sood, Shipra, Dr. Rachna Soni
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Authentication and Access Control for Cloud Computing Using RBDAC Mechanism
Varsha D. Mali, Prof.Pramod Patil
Research Article:  IJIRCCE
Data Security in Single and Multi Cloud Storage–An Overview
Dr.K.Subramanian, F. Leo John