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Current Issue

2020: Volume 8, Issue 1

Short Communication: Dental Sciences

How to Use a Stone Index to Check in the Mouth the Accuracy of the Position of the Implants

Analucia Gebler Philippi*, Gabriela Panca Sabatini, Franciele Floriani, Tarla Thaynara Oliveira dos Santos and Luís André Mezzomo

Research Article: Dental Sciences

The Incidence and Intensity of Post-Obturation Pain after Single-Visit and Two-Visit Root Canal Treatment: A Comparative Study on Vital and Non-Vital Maxillary and Mandibular Single-Rooted Teeth

Daad Asaad Al-ghouthani

2020 Conference Announcement: Dental Sciences

2020 Conference Announcement on 5th Annual Meeting on Pedodontics and Geriatric Dentistry

Amr Abouzeid

2020: Volume 8, Issue 2

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DOI: 2320-7949-100056

EDitorial Note 2020