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2017: Volume 3, Issue 3
Conference Proceeding:  J Nurs Health Sci
Effectiveness of Four Early Intervention Programs in Europe: How do the Results Inform Program Development and Dissemination?
Tanja Jungmann*, Verena Dähne, Susan Sierau, Sara Serbati, Romain Dugravier and Andrea Lanfranchi
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Exploring Experiences of Hospitalised Angina Patients and their Partners: Insights from Participants in a Randomised Controlled Trial of the Angina Plan
Stella Zetta*, Karen Smith, Charles Hendry, Paul Allcoat and Martyn Jones
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Cancer Survivorship: Does One Size Fit All?
Tamara J Cadet*, Jacinta Elks, Matthew Moore and Cindy Davis
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Effectiveness of an Educational Program on Teachers Awareness on Identifying and Reporting Suspected Cases of Child Abuse and Neglect in Primary Schools in Western Region
Wafaa Elarousy*, Waad Abudawood, Huda Aqeeli and Rudainah Kabbani
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Readmission Rates, Risk Zones and Demographic Factors of Healthy term Breastfed Newborns with Hyperbilirubinemia: A Retrospective Chart Review
Quannetta T Edwards, PhD, MPH, NP* and Ruth Trudgeon, DNP, RN
Review Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Improved Parental Self-Efficacy Reduces Stress in Women Receiving Home Visitation in a Longitudinal Study
Dähne Verena*, Klein Annette, Jungmann Tanja, Kliem Soren and Sierau Susan
Case Report:  J Nurs Health Sci
A Man with Excessive Sweating
Raveendran AV
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Differences in Predictions for Survival and Expectations for Goals of Care between Physicians and Family Surrogate Decision Makers of Chronically Critically Ill Adults
Sara L Douglas, Barbara J Daly and Amy R Lipson*