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Ajit Behera

Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology


Ajit Behera is a Doctoral research scholar of Metallurgical & Materials Dept in IIT Kharagpur, INDIA. His Research area is on: Synthesis & Characterization of Nano-structured multilayered Ni-Ti based Shape Memory Alloys thin film. Handled projects on Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys (In BARC); Thermal Spray Coating, Cryo-Treatment of materials & Compacted Graphite Iron treatment (In NIT-Rkl). He have extensive knowledge on "Characterization of materials", "Surface Engineering", "Ferromagnetic shape memeory alloys", "Cryo-treatment of steel". He have knowledge on Quantitative analysis by using Artificial Inteligence methods, Mintab-15 etc.


Research Interest

Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Surface Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.