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Dr. Varun Kapoor is an Immunologist with over 10 years of research experience. He earned his Masters in Biotechnology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute after which he completed his doctorate in Immunology from the University Of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester. For his doctoral thesis, he studied the mechanisms regulating CD8+T cell survival in non-lymphoid tissues during acute viral infections, as well as transcriptional regulation of CD8+T cell differentiation into memory populations, which protect us against secondary infections. Dr. Kapoor received the Deans Award for Excellence in the Core Curriculum during his PhD. To avoid the long cold Massachusetts winter he moved to San Francisco, California where he is pursuing his post-doctoral research at Genentech in the field of cancer immunology. He is currently studying the role of immune inhibitory receptors in dampening the host response to tumors with the ultimate goal of enhancing tumor immunity. Dr. Kapoor is also interested in studying the functional heterogeneity of stromal cells in lymphoid organs during health and disease, particularly cancer.

Research Interest

 His research interest consists of immunology, Oncology, stem cells and cancer therapy.