ISSN: 2319-9865

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Varaprasad Raghupatruni

Department of Anaesthesiology, Maharajah’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Experience Asst Prof. at Bijapur; Civil Asst Surgeon, Guvt Hosp. Viziabagaram Free lance, Nidadavole Specialist at Medical college, Bijapur; Govt , VZM (AP);Free lance Anasthesiologist; Specialist in Saudi ;MIMS, October 2015 - Present (4 months) Published numrtous medical articles in journals Associate Editor for Journal of Res in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Peer Reviewer for JEMDS and JCDR, Anaesthesiologist at Maharaja Inst of Medical Sciences, Vizianagaram February 2008 - Present (8 years), Education English Medium School, Chakradharpur: Std I to IV Year 1960 -64; English Medium School, Bilaspur (MP) 1964-67 chakradharpur, bilasput, visakhapatbanm narasaraopeta, bankura

Research Interest