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Bruce E. Johansen

Bruce E. Johansen

Bruce E. Johansen

research professor

Frederick W. Kayser University

School of Communication

University of Nebraska at Omaha,

United States



As a professor of Communication and Native American Studies, Bruce E. has been teaching, researching, and writing at the University of Nebraska at Omaha since 1982, presently as Frederick W. Kayser research professor. He has published 47 books in several fields: history, anthropology, law, the Earth sciences, and many others. His most recent books comprise a three-volume set, Climate Change: An Encyclopedia of Science, Society, and Solutions (2017). Johansen’s writing has been published, debated, and reviewed in many academic venues, among them the William and Mary Quarterly, American Historical Review, Current History, and Nature, as well as in many popular newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times and The National Geographic. Johansen writes frequently about environmental subjects, including The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology (2 vols., 2009), Global Warming in the 21st century (3 vols., 2006), The Global Warming Desk Reference (2001), The Dirty Dozen: Toxic Chemicals and the Earth’s Future (2003), and Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Issues (2004), a 200,000-word encyclopedia of indigenous peoples’ struggles with corporations with a world-wide scope.


Research Interest

Environmental issues, most notably global warming and toxic chemical pollution. Anthropology, the Earth sciences, Climate change, Environmental Issues, Global Warming.