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A Comparative Study of Various Noise Removal Techniques Using Filters

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Increasing the coefficient of performance of conventional air conditioning system by adopting the method of sub cooling. Due to sub cooling the saturated liquid at the outlet of condenser is sub cooled which will results in increase in the refrigerating effect. The sub cooling is done by extracting the heat from condenser by employing the tubing (Heat exchanger) between the fan and the condenser. The tubing is placed parallel to the condenser and the fan blows the cool air from the tubing. Tubing consists of combination of partial refrigerant taken from the evaporator outlet and the coolant which is circulated using a pump. This will result in extraction of extra amount of heat from the refrigerant owing through the condenser. Hence the sub cooling is achieved. This will also ensure the constant supply of refrigerant in saturated vapour phase in the compressor and hence the compressor life will increase providing higher overall efficiency of the system. The use of coolant for condenser cooling shows positive response. By implementing this kind to reforms in the conventional air conditioning system we can increase the coefficient of performance and also increase the power saving of the conventional air conditioning system. The average cop improved obtained to be 50 percent so that Power consumption is reduced by 20-25 percent.