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A Study on Quality of Work Life of the Employees at Baxter (INDIA) Private Ltd., Alathur

Associate professor, Dept Of MBA, Bharath University, Chennai-60073, India
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Quality of work life represents the overall satisfaction derived by the individual in their organization. The concept of working life is seen as on passing workplace democracy increased workers participation and at the same time productivity improvement through optimized input.
It refers to the degree to which members to work in organization are able to satisfy all important and their basic needs through their experience of working organization. It is generally assumed that people are normal when they are in organization with lot of work to be done within a short time. They project their real life when they are in tight corner denouncing both to their sub-ordinates and superiors.
Quality of Work Life of the employees in an organization is the work environment. It is the responsibility of the management to provide a work environment, which conductive to good performance. To prevent such possibility from arising, the management should provide a good working environment where employees can work without stress, where necessary information for accomplishing task is made available adequate and fair compensation is given in the work place is safe, healthy and the supervisors motivates the employees.
The Management in every organization should sincerely invite their employees to suggest ways to improve their operation and the quality of their work life, only if these ideas are received in a spirit of appreciation. The employees should then be asked to participate in studying the feasibility that survives such review. The quality of lifeat- work probably would then be enhanced. A management practices that manifest concern about Job Enrichment, Employee Security, Career Opportunities, and the Opportunities for Employees to have voice in matter which affect them is entirely consistent with meticulously controlled operations in the interest of effectiveness, Quality Assurance, Customer Service, Profitability and High Morale.
According to Cohan. R. Resenthal, “It is internationally defined efforts to bring out increased labour management and co-operation to jointly solve the problem of improving organizational performance and employee satisfaction”.
The quality of work life research programme, which has been in progress for sometimes now, has tried to understand human behavior in the work situation in order to enhance productivity, job satisfaction and employee involvement. Quality of work life can be improved through a variety of instrumentalities like working arrangements, education and training, employee communication, union participation and participative community development projects. The effort is to enhance the quality of life of every individual, by integrating the task role and social role, such that synergies are effectively obtained.
A Qualitative case study that combines a semi structured interview process with extensive quantitative measures to assess to quality of work life of school district employees in a large , successful, Midwestern, suburban community. The study was conducted by Ferris, Linda Weller 1993. . Specific finding that a majority of employees across no function experience satisfaction out their acts of service to student. Working condition and absenteeism are the poor relations impart overall satisfaction both positively and negatively correlated.


In India quality of work life failed to spread root for unknown reasons when it originated during 1970’s. Now a day’s India business houses are also focusing on improving quality of work life of their organization to achieve heightened satisfaction, commitment and improved performance against this back ground the researcher find, this is the appropriate time to study the area to identify the importance of factors, related to work environment which satisfies higher order and important needs of the employees to design quality of work life program or the identify the importance factors to achieve complete favorableness of employees towards the organization and to make them feel as “round peg in a round hole”.
The problem chosen is to study the job satisfaction level of workers. Since there are high absenteeism and labour turn over. More over job satisfaction is closely linked to the physiological approach of motivation; it is very difficult to analysis what factors, if not all jobs satisfaction contribution to the above mentioned negative resultants. Hence through study of the factors that have possible impact on the satisfaction of the workers with regard to their job becomes necessary.
? To study on interpersonal relationship among employees.
? To study on employees satisfaction
? To find out the factor influencing the quality of work life
? To know about quality of work life.


The research focused on quality of work life of the employees. Thus the study was conducted among the employee of Baxter (India) Pvt. Ltd, Alathur consists of 150 employees. Thus the universe of the study is 150. By adopting Stratified Random Sampling Technique and with the help of the Questionnaire, the Researcher collected data from 50 Respondents.


The research design selected for this study is descriptive which aims to describe the existing quality of work life in the organization, Baxter (India) Pvt. Ltd.
The above Table reveals that nearly 65 % of Employees had problem in Conveyance while only 35 % didn’t have any problem in commuting to the organization
The Above table shows that 52% of the respondents have said that the job rotation is required and while 27 % has said that it is not required and the 21% has said that they had no opinion. From the above table we can infer that 52 % feels that the job rotation is required, as it will enhance their skills, which will help them.
Respondents View on Training
The Training play an important role in an organization, The training helps the employee to enhance his skill and perform accordingly to the requirements .The below table represents the view of Employees on Training.
The table 3 reflects that 71% of the respondents have said that they are satisfied with the Training offered while 21 % said that they are dissatisfied with the trainings offered, while 8 % didn’t have any opinion on the above issue
The table 4 reflects that 63% of the respondents have said that they will prefer day shift while 25 % have opted for the Noon shift and rest 12% of the respondents have opted for Night Shifts
The major findings of the study are:
? Equal no. of (58%) the respondents said salary saving is very important and are satisfied with medical facilities respectively.
? This table clearly shows that 52% of the respondents are having no problem in regarding their job rotation process.
? It is found that the employees have good interpersonal relations (63%) and 67% are satisfied with their relationship with management.
? This table shows that 54%of the respondents says that, their job helps in using all the skills and their abilities and improve it.
? Employees are treated with respect and it is accepted by 71% and are satisfied with team works (62%)
? Most of the respondents 52% of them respondents said that they have good job security. And are satisfied with the rules and regulations (56%).
? It is found that the employee have stress on their work (41% ) and 71% said that training is necessary and important.
? Most of the respondents 58% of them said they are happy with the shift changing procedures are convenient to them.
Satisfaction of employees:
? 67% are satisfied with the quality of services offered by the organization.
? 56% are satisfied with their work.
? 46% are satisfied with the performance appraisal.
? 71% of employee are satisfied with their welfare amenities,
? 54% are satisfied with the safety measure and with encouragement and motivation
? 75% are getting adequate level of interval during their working condition.
? 63% are happy to be in day shift.


? Based on the findings the researcher has made following suggestions:
? The organization should allow their employee , to different outstation views of training development programs so that the employee will equipped more knowledge in his field.
? Good canteen facilities should be provided to all the employee and they also should be provided better nutritious food.
? Recreational activities must be done monthly once.
? Organization should increase the employee travelling allowance facilities.
? Organization can make the employee permanent as it gives them more security to their job and lead to higher quality of work life.
? Organization should encourage the employee by giving reward and appraisal.
? The organization can provide a well equipped medical center, as it is very useful for the employee in the case of any emergence.
? Rest intervals between working hours can be extended.


Quality of work life plays an important role in the organization, which influences the work and decides the performance of the individuals without which the organization cannot achieve their targets. The presents study reveal that there exist differences between the required and existing level of quality of work life among employees.
Quality of working life is perceived by many factors and it is improved by the management of human resources to bring out overall improvement in the organization. Quality of work life represents a blending of their real concerns for human in today’s society with awareness that all individuals devote the greater part of their immature life to work spending time, energy, physical and mental resources.

Tables at a glance

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