5S Implementation Studies in Biomass Processing Unit | Abstract

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5S Implementation Studies in Biomass Processing Unit


This paper presents an application of 5S in technology in a Bio-mass processing unit. Due to increased demand, high product variety, and a push production system, the plant has suffered from excessive wastes, unorganized workstations, and unhealthy work environment. This has translated into increased production cost, frequent delays, and low workers morale. Under such conditions, it has become difficult, if not impossible, to implement effective continuous improvement studies. Improving plant layout, and organizing workstations. 5S lean technology is utilized for achieving project diagnosing the production process, streamlining the workflow, removing/reducing process waste, cleaning the production environment. The work was a combination of both culture changes and tangible/physical changes on the shop floor. The “5S” technique represents a fundamental technique which allows the enhancement of efficiency and productivity, while ensuring a pleasant organizational climate. The project has drastically changed the plant and developed the infrastructure for a successful implementation of continuous improvement as well as other best practices and quality initiatives.

K.Ramesh, V.R.Muruganantham, N.R.Arunkumar

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