A Genteel Requirement Engineering for Web Applications | Abstract

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A Genteel Requirement Engineering for Web Applications


Requirements engineering is a software engineering process with the goal to identify, analyze, document and validate requirements for the web application to be developed. One of the most important factors of success in the software development is the elicitation, management, and analysis of requirements which is used to assure the quality of the resulting software. This is especially true in Web engineering due to the heterogeneous audience of the Web, which may lead to websites difficult to comprehend by visitors and complex to maintain by designers. The development of Web systems usually involves more heterogeneous stakeholders than the construction of traditional software. In addition, Web systems have additional requirements for the navigational and multimedia aspects as well as for the usability as no training is possible. Therefore a thorough requirements analysis is even more relevant. The most useful requirements analysis specifies in detail what the user should be able to accomplish on the site and provides guidance on designing site interactions. Proposed work focuses on various requirements analysis tasks and in each task navigation and customization phases should be concentrated as they play important role in web application development. First step is to produce various artifacts that provide different lenses on the system and its uses to elicit more detailed requirements, such as actor tables and use cases. Negotiation of priorities is followed by this. Categorizing the structural requirements is followed then which includes the application and program flow. Subsequent strides are documentation, validation and finally managing the requirements.

S.Mary Helan Felista, S.Selvarani , S. Jebapriya

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