A Hybrid Text Classification Approach Using KNN And SVM | Abstract

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A Hybrid Text Classification Approach Using KNN And SVM


Text classification is the process of assigning text documents based on certain categories. A classifier is used to define the appropriate class for each text document based on the input algorithm used for classification. Due to the emerging trends in the field of internet and computers ,billions of text data are processed at a given time and so there is a need for organizing these data to provide easy storage and accessing .Many text classification approaches were developed for effectively solving the problem of identifying and classifying these data .In this project a new text document classifier is proposed by integrating the nearest neighbor classification approach with the support vector machine(SVM) training algorithm. The proposed SVM-NN approach aims to reduce the impact of parameters in classification accuracy. In the training stage, the SVM is utilized to reduce the training samples for each of the available categories to their support vectors (SVs).The SVs from different categories are used as the training data of nearest neighbor classification algorithm in which the similarity measures or distance function is used to calculate the which class does the testing data belongs and which also reduce time consumption.

M.Sivakumar, C.Karthika, P.Renuga

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