A Photovoltaic Cell Based Dc-Dc Converter for Dc Motor | Abstract

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A Photovoltaic Cell Based Dc-Dc Converter for Dc Motor


In recent years, power generation utilizing solar power or wind power has been being great attractive for effective utilization of electrical energy. In Order to protect the natural environment on the earth, the development of clean energy without pollution has the major representative role in the last decade. By dealing with the issue of global warming, clean energies, such as fuel cell (FC), photovoltaic, and wind energy, etc., have been rapidly promoted.Standalone photovoltaic (SAPV) systems are widely used in remote areas after development of photovoltaic cell industry in recent years. A PV cell has an exponential relationship between current and voltage, and the maximum power point (MPP) occurs at the knee of the curve. In this paper a photovoltaic array is used to run a DC motor using a dc-dc converter. The gating signal to the dc-dc converter is giving using soft switching technique. The simulink model of the PV array connected to dc motor using a dc –dc converter is developed in MATLAB and the outputs are observed.

M.Praveen, M.Rama Mohana Rao

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