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A Simple and Novel Route for Synthesis of Vanadium Carbide Nanoparticles


Vanadium carbide (VC) nanoparticles were prepared via a simple and novel route by solution combustion synthesis and carbothermal reduction method for the first time. The prepared precursor consisted of flake particles with a uniform dispersion of vanadium, oxygen and carbon. The precursor powders was subsequently calcined under nitrogen at 700-1200°C for 3 h. During the carbothermal reduction process, the phase changed from V2O5, VO2, V2O3 to VC. At the temperature of 1200°C, the pure-phase of VC was successfully prepared. The sizes of prepared VC nanoparticles are less than 30 nm. This new approach to prepare nanocrystalline VC is suitable for large scale production of VC nanoparticles

Haoyang Wu,Zhiqin Cao,Chengyang Zuo,Xuefeng Zhang

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