A Survey on Secure Sharing In Cloud Computing | Abstract

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A Survey on Secure Sharing In Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a quickly growing technology with usage of virtualized resources as a service through the internet. These facilities prove to be of great use in various fields such as health care industry, education, and research & development etc. for better communication therefore we need to assure the data security for data used in communication. So, to provide security to cloud from intruders & unknown hacking attacks many existing systems have been developed but most of them are providing security on the basis of private keys. In such cases if hacker knows the private key our whole data can be in trouble. In [1] we consider shortcomings of current e-health solutions and standards, but they do not address the client platform security. In [2] we show that an efficient system can be buildwhich allows patients both to share fractionaladmission rights with others, and to perform explorations over their records. But after formalizing we realize that it results in different set of properties whereas in proposed system we use two algorithms for encryption & decryption of network data [5]. Here we use DES for data transmission and RSA for encrypting the keys generated by DES for data transmission. Therefore even in case of intruder’s attack all data including key is in encrypted form so our data will not be able to decrypt easily by intruders.

Aakanksha maliye, Sarita Patil

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