Biconnectivity Of Zigbee UMTS Hybrid Network | Abstract

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Biconnectivity Of Zigbee UMTS Hybrid Network


A ZigBee network is a low cost and low power wireless network based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard , which allows wireless connectivity with limited power and relax throughput requirements.On the other hand, the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System(UMTS) is third generation cellular network that provides high speed wireless traffic transfer to the internet .This paper presents the design and implementation of the novel intergrated ZigBee and UMTS hybrid network in the Network Simulators(ns-2).In this hybrid network,we design a new mobile gateway to inter-connect these two different sub-networks.With the hierarchial addressing and some special UMTS network discovering mechanisms, routing in the hybrid network,is achieved.We also design a simulation platform to make it easier for protocol designer to design and evaluate new protocol in such a hybrid network. To perform the data communication between the wireless node(source node) and the destination node that is connected to the server via LAN.


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