Blocking Probability Analysis for Enhanced Optical WDM Networks | Abstract

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Blocking Probability Analysis for Enhanced Optical WDM Networks


Currently, the Immediate reservation (IR) and advance reservation (AR) are the two main reservation mechanisms implemented on large-scale scientific optical networks. We can also provide hybrid IR/AR scenarios. Nonetheless, such scenarios can increase the blocking of IR if no quality-of-service (QoS) policies are considered. A solution could be to quantify such blocking performance is that to implement the hybrid scenario in an optical network that provide more wavelength and speed efficiency. Hence in this paper we are considering the Enhanced WDM networks. However, current blocking analytical models are not able to deal with both IR and AR. In this paper, we propose an analytical model to compute the network-wide blocking performance of IR/AR classes. Specifically, we calculate the blocking on the network using the fixed-point approximation analysis. The performance results show that our model provides good accuracy compared to simulation results, even in a scenario with multiple reservation classes defined by different book-ahead times.

Sudhakar S , Priyadarshini K C , Shanmuga Priyaa C, Suvetha V S

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