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Bowenia: A Taxonomically Less Defined Genus


Gymnosperms are the plants of the great antiquity; they have the tremendous kinds of the evolutionary pattern. Mesozoic era the age of the greatest development of the gymnosperm but in the cenozoic era one can see the tremendous decline in the great world of the giant Cyclades and the conifers, now they are very relict in distribution, they can be found in the comes places of the India and the some places of the world like the USA and the other nations. due to change in the climate and the habitat destruction now they are at the junction of the disappearances, cycadales are considered as the living fossils, in whole of the globe they are presented by the only 11 genera of the rare taxonomic values, in this review articles we are working in the one of the genus entitled as the bowenia of the stangeriaceae family of the cycadales order of the gymnosperms, the genus has very narrow distribution and they are now at junction of the endangered by the version 3.1 of the IUCN red data books

Teena Agrawal

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