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Cyanophyaceae: A Primitive Algal Group


The algae are the heterogeneous group of the organisms; they have been found from the billions of years and have the profound effects on the biogeochemical cycles of the world. As photosynthetic organism algae produce the enormous amount of the oxygen in the world, in addition large amount of the organic carbon in the ecosystem is also provided by the algae in the world. Majority of this the carbon served as the sources of the food in the ecosystem and in the food chain. Algae are the major contributor of the global biodiversity; algae are the heterogeneous organism which varies from the single cell the giganteous thallus kelps in the sea weeds. These variations are according to the evolutionary values. Mostly of the algae are the photosynthetic and they produce the oxygen in the ecosystem, they lack any body and reproductive features of the land plants. Reproduction occurs by the asexual means and by the vegetative methods. In this review article we are presenting some of the aspects of the cyanophyta and the class cyanophyaceae and description of the some of the members.

Cyanophyta are the typical prokaryotes and they have the blue -green pigments in higher amount than the green pigments, so the colour of the algae are the blue and they have been termed as the blue green algae. They reproduce by means of the asexually, sexual means of the reproduction is totally absent in the cyanophyta.

Teena Agarwal*

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