Data Security in IoT Environment | Abstract

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Data Security in IoT Environment


The proliferation of technology paves way to new kind of devices that can communicate with other devices to produce output mostly on wireless communication. Wirelessly communicating embedded devices are brought to one another in a single link over Internet called IoT (Internet of Things). If all objects and people in daily life were equipped with identifiers, computers could manage and inventory them. Besides using RFID, the tagging of things may be achieved through such technologies as near field communication, barcodes, QR codes and digital watermarking. Here new method of using embedded technology to provide such application, Arduino is used as an embedded controller to interface Ethernet shield with a PC/Laptop to provide IoT over Ethernet. A user can use this parking service in the airport scenario provided by airport authority with user ID and password. Whenever a user need to check the vehicle in the parking lot, uses the ID and password to logon into the airport web link and view the status of the car in the parking lot using IoT. IoT Based Airport Parking System is discussed here to implement Arduino environment as IoT application.

M.Suresh, P.Saravana Kumar, Dr.T.V.P.Sundararajan

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