Diagnosis of Latent Fingerprints | Abstract

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Diagnosis of Latent Fingerprints


Latent Fingerprint Analysis is a tremendous process in forensic. Fingerprint authenticates a person who is unique. Latent is invisible obtained by inadvertently touching the objects or handled by a person at crime scenes and it contains small area, large non-linear distortions. Due to this improper recognition, automatic latent to full fingerprint matching is extremely difficult. Full-to-full and latent-to-rolled fingerprint matching algorithms published in literature they do not attain an accurate matching. Matching of full fingerprint (which is fusion of rolled with plain) to latent fingerprint is introduced in this paper. Latent fingerprint matching with Hough transform includes minutiae and orientation field for fingerprint identification. This paper proposes a new fingerprint matching algorithm which includes two more parameters such as quality map and similarity measure that provides better accuracy.

K. Latha ,R. Kamalitta

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