Distribution Automation System: India’s Prospects | Abstract

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Distribution Automation System: Indias Prospects


The restructured and deregulated power sector in India has been reconstituted into Generation Company, Transmission Company, Distribution Company and Power Trading Company. All the restructured components in the deregulated power sector as primary objectives namely reliability improvement, high efficiency, revenue generation and operational cost optimization which benefit both customers as well as utility. One such sector of power sector which directly benefits customer as well as Utility by reaching their primary objectives is Distribution System. Distribution System has been automated with adaptation of information technology enabled communication system based technology with derived advantages such as minimum human machine interface for reliable, quality and safer distribution of power supply to the consumers from the utility, these technological enabled initiative is termed as Distribution Automation System [DAS]. This research paper illustrates India’s position towards adaptability and implementability of Distribution Automation System for its future energy management and customer satisfaction

B.A. Anand, Dr. Y.R. Manjunatha

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