Emerging Era in Transmission of Confidential Information | Abstract

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Emerging Era in Transmission of Confidential Information


Focusing on the naturalness, inevitability and sense of security conveyed by touching which is called as Red Tacton which could let people transfer data to each other handhelds by means of handshake or a physical contact. Using an embedded transmitter a PDA Red Tacton sends a 5 volts pulse along the surface of body. The human body shunts most of electricity to ground resulting in weak electric field that can be modulated to carry signals. As the receiver is located on the part of the body, the components of a hands free handset or in an acquaintance PDA as it senses modulation in the electric field the receiver decodes them to recover the data. Human Area Network is an important over current wireless technologies such as Bluetooth because users can narrowly limit signal recipients rather than broadcasting to all devices within given range. Using Red Tacton enabled devices music from our digital audio player in our pocket would pass through our clothing and shoot over our body to headphones into our ears. Instead of fiddling around with the cable to connect our digital camera to our computer we could transfer pictures just by touching the PC while the camera is around your neck and since data can pass from one body to another you could also exchange electronics business cards by shaking hands.

R.Surendran.A.Lavanya, V.Logeswar, V.Malathidevi

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