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Empowerment of Indian Agriculture: Traditional Household Energy Biomass Approach


Energy is an important feedstock to the production of various fulfilling needs of consumers. But, the matter is that the sources of energy are how plays efficiently in bring of kinds of energies as outcome for various purposes due to characterised about natural contents. Though, the contribution of primary energy potential is always great from natural belonging activity like agriculture. So sufficient yields are possible to obtain as types of energy for consume. On the other hand, due to lack of technology in alternatives of primary energy for further and being lack awareness among farmers in such developing countries leads to misusing of such resources which supports to generate commercial energy to minimise over utilization of primary energy. This paper has been built with agricultural contribution to boost the production of commercial energy from renewable energy biomass which comes as agri-waste.

This study has powered by secondary data from 2000 to 2020 (Expected year) and EAI and other sources were useful to collect required data. Picture and table presentation have brought for describe the collected data and concepts. Finally, concludes the paper along with scope of this study which meant the purpose of study made and effective recommendations.e.

Amose T* and Jeyakumar KR

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