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Genetic Circuits and Chemotaxis Induced Bacterial Cloning on Media Plate


Objective: Synthetic biology demonstrates its broad application perspective in the fields of medicine, chemical synthesis, and the production of energy. Methods: The character that E. coli responding to the stimulus is named as chemo taxis which has widely applications such as measurement efficiency of RBS and promoter, suicide mechanism, oscillation timer etc. Results: A circuit to control the motility of E. coli (run or tumble) and form the patterns such as conic curves was constructed. The strength of the promoter and the efficiency of RBS were successfully characterized by using the circuit and chemo taxis that can be used to characterize most of the promoters, the RBS efficiency, terminator efficiency and expression strength of target genes etc. A new suicide mechanism, utilizing the hyperosmotic pressure, was built to induce the growth of E. coli Pattern model is the fundamental force in the coordination of multicellular behavior in the bacterial community or a large complex system. Conclusion: The sources of stress (such as sodium chloride and sucrose) be to generate hypertonic very cheap, convenient and environmentally friendly while antibiotics are expensive and have a bad effect on the environment because of drug-resistant microorganisms.

Wei Jiang, Chun Tang, Jielin Chen, Yiying Lei, Ruihua Zhang, Yahong Chen, Tangduo Zhang, Yue Jiang, Zehua Chen, Jianxing Huang, Baishan Fang

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