Implementation of Bus Arbiter Using Round Robin Scheme | Abstract

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Implementation of Bus Arbiter Using Round Robin Scheme


In System on Chip (SoC) buses, intellectual properties (IPs) need to communicate with each other to access the required functionality. When the SoC bus is connected with more IPs, contentions occur while multiple IPs requests the bus at the same time. This makes on-chip bus based communication a major challenge for the system designer in the current SoC technology. The communication architectures must be able to adapt themselves according to the real-time requirements of the IPs. Hence, bus arbiters are proposed.The arbiter block plays important role in the SoC shared bus communication. The masters on a SoC bus may issue requests simultaneously and hence an arbiter is required to decide which master is granted for bus access. Bus Arbiter plays a vital role in handling the requests from the master and responses from slave (like Acknowledgement signal, Retry, etc). The main objective of arbitration algorithms is to ensure that only one master has access to the bus at any given time, all the other masters are forced to remain in the idle state until they are granted the use of the bus.

Shashidhar R., Sujay S.N., Pavan G.S.

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