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Internal Root Resorption and the Application of MTA-Based Cement: Major Considerations


Background: Although internal root resorption does not have etiological agents clarified, it is correlated with infection and physical trauma. Objective: To carry out a literature search of clinical studies to emphasize the main considerations about the use of MTA based cement in internal root resorption endodontics. Methods: Following the criteria of literary search with the use of the Mesh Terms that were cited in the item below on "Search strategies", a total of 36 papers that were submitted to the eligibility analysis were collated and after that, 14 studies were selected, following the rules of systematic review-PRISMA. Major findings: The activity of reabsorption of odontoclasts in cases of IRR causes defects in the intraradicular dental tissue concomitant with the deposition of hard tissue similar to metaplastic bone. As a result, an irregular shape resorption defect occurs in the dentin walls of the affected canal region. Some authors successfully treated perforating cases of internal resorption using MTA and periodontal surgery with graft materials in single treatment sessions. The successful long-term clinical and radiological results of this case favor non-surgical endodontic treatment for cases of internal reabsorption. Thus, the surgical approach in the treatment of perforating internal resorptions can be used when an excessive extrusion of the filling of the MTA occurs during filling of the root canal. Conclusion: Internal root resorption and an injury occurring within the pulp space. Etiology is correlated to trauma, crown preparation or pulpotomies. The differential diagnosis is of fundamental importance, as is the choice of the obturator material in order to proceed with the appropriate treatment.

Junior Mendes, Idiberto Jose Zotarelli Filho and Arnaldo Sant'anna Jr

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