Localizing 2-D Digital Skin Images Using SAVC Algorithm | Abstract

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Localizing 2-D Digital Skin Images Using SAVC Algorithm


The skin disease namely psoriasis affects a large number of people in the country, there is a need for improvement in the field of therapeutics which would actually be able to cure the disease. Hence my work has been designed in order to use the segmented scaling images for enhancing the treatment for psoriasis. The approach is to reduce the problem of segmenting scaling to a binary classification problem by removing erythema from consideration and then classifying the remaining pixels as either skin pixels or scaling pixels. Thus there are two stages as said which are namely feature extraction stage and scaling segmentation stage. Feature extraction is done using gabor filter. Segmentation of scaling is done using training set from the filtered images. A Markov random field (MRF) is used to smooth a pixel-wise classification from a support vector machine (SVM) that utilizes a feature space derived from image colour and scaling texture.

J. Kavitha , Dr. D. Saravanan

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