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Nanotechnology - A Path to a Sustainable Future


Nanotechnology is a varied area of technology which offers with floor technology, organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor physics and micro- fabrication and so on. It’s far the usage of era on the nano (10-9) degree. A fundamental definition of nanotechnology is the examine manipulation and manufacture of highly minute machines or devices. The related studies and applications are similarly diverse, ranging from extension of conventional physics to completely new techniques primarily based upon developing new substances with new dimensions on nanoscale. Scientists presently debate the destiny implications of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology can be capable of create many new substances and gadgets with a great variety of applications, which embody medication, electronics, biomaterials and so on. From the contemporary overview paper we are able to finish that nanomaterial’s is located to have massive applications in diverse fields which have been described inside the paper. So, we can finish that Nanotechnology performs a prime position in nowadays studies paintings.

Goyal S and Ghildiyal A

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