Performance Evaluation on Mutual Funds | Abstract

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Performance Evaluation on Mutual Funds


Mutual fund investment has lot of changes in the recent past, and investors mentality and their expectation are changing in the present scenario. Investors preference towards return, risk varies often. The investor should compare the risks and returns before investing in a particular fund. For this, he should get the advice from experts and consultants and distributors of mutual fund schemes. The investors can invest in the mutual fund and can be to get more benefits. Periodically checking up on how the mutual fund is doing is important, and there are lots of measures that the investor can use to perform the checking. A funds track record may be the single most important factor that an investor checks before opting for a mutual fund product. Hence evaluating funds is important before investing. But it is becoming increasingly important for investors to take note of other parameters too, while deciding between mutual funds. Of course, investors need to weigh the savings on expenses against the performance record before choosing a fund. Over the past decades mutual funds have grown intensely in popularity and have experienced a considerable growth rate. Mutual funds are popular because they make it easy for small investors to invest their money in a diversified pool of securities. As the mutual fund industry has evolved over the years, there have arisen many questions about the nature of operations and characteristics of these funds. Thus the fund evaluation process helps the investors to know more about the funds and its performance


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