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Biogas digesters are used to produce methane gas and the size of the digesters are commonly bigger in size. People who live in poor conditions and are familiar with the uses and the advantages of using methane gas wants to have a biogas digester at home for replacing the cooking gas as the ever increasing price of cooking gas is adding to their woes. Being in the densely populated city, Bangalore, the problem of domestic waste management is highly inefficient. There is a need for an efficient method to tackle this problem. Both the problems can be met with a residual clean energy output in the form of biogas through a portable biodigester which can be installed and moved at any place in every house with the help of minimum resources. The project involves the developing and analysis of the body shape of the digester to make it be more efficient to produce methane gas. It mainly concentrates on the economic aspect and will also concern about the structure strength, durability, ergonomic factor, convenience and flexibility of usage in different weather conditions. All the specifications must be verified to avoid materials and fund wasting. Overall process to design, develop and fabricate this digester required the skills of designing and fabrication and used all the basics knowledge of Static, Industrial Design and Manufacturing Technology. The objectives of this project are:  To fabricate a portable biodigester to be used in all weather conditions.  Consideration of economic and ergonomic factors with maximum efficiency in production of methane gas through domestic waste.

Jyothilakshmi.R, Dr. S.V. Prakash, Vishal Kedia

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