Power Generation from Waste Sources of Thermal Plant | Abstract

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Power Generation from Waste Sources of Thermal Plant


Pollution, population, electricity, transportation these are some words everyone talk about this every day that he is facing this problem or other but one we must know problems are create by us. In recent years, an increasing concern of environmental issues of emissions, in particular global warming and the limits of energy resources has resulted in extensive research into novel technologies of producing electrical power. Thermoelectric power generators have emerged as a promising alternative green technology due to their distinct advantages like environmentally friendly, lower production cost etc. Thermoelectric power generation offer a potential application in the direct change of wasteheat energy into electrical power where it is unnecessary to consider the cost of the thermal energy. The application of this alternative green technology in converting waste-heat energy directly into electrical power can also improve the overall efficiencies of energy conversion systems. In this paper, the basic ideas of thermoelectricity including their importance and relevant applications to waste-heat energy, noise/vibration is discussed.

Anurag Pandey, Subhash Chander Swami

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