Queue-Based Traffic Regulation on Wireless 802.11Networks | Abstract

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Queue-Based Traffic Regulation on Wireless 802.11Networks


The new multimedia applications (videoconferencing, VoIP, IP-TV etc) and real time applications require high throughput and reduced delays. The current ad hoc networks are not able to satisfy the requirements of quality of service (QoS) upto the required extent. In WLAN, the Access Point plays an important role for improving QoS. Acombination of Deficit Round Robin (DRR) and Admission Control Algorithm (ADC), to be employed at Access Point (AP), help to enhance the QoS.The proposed scenario considers a mix of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) flows. The DRR scheduling algorithm along with admission control can achieve high throughput while maintaining low delay for real time applications.Hence, the proposed system will present a simple approach to enhance the Data, Voice, and Video performance over the 802.11 WLAN by using some special queues. This requires the system to first identify the type of service (real time / non-real time) and then use the appropriate scheduling algorithm. Simulations were made under Network Simulator (NS2).

Radhika J. Dhanal

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