Recovery of Chromium from Ferrochrome Slag | Abstract

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Recovery of Chromium from Ferrochrome Slag


Ferrochrome slag generated from alumino-thermi method piles up in large quantities poses many problems to the environment and contaminates ground water on long run, needs to be addressed very urgently. It principally contains chromium, alumina, Iron, magnesium, calcium in small quantities. This paper deals with extraction of chromium and renders the slag harmless. In this paper industrial waste was collected from GTS industries and used in the subsequent experimentation. Ferrochrome slag is treated with lime to conduct slag-lime solid-solid reaction. Chromium present in the slag reacts with lime to form mixed chromates. The reaction is conducted at 973K, soluble chromium ion was extracted with water and is subsequently separated by adsorbing fly ash based zeolite which can be recovered. The recovery of chromium metal in the slag is 64%. The method is viable for the commercial recovery of chromium from slag.

Praphulla Chandra. M, HimaBindu. V. N. V., Sireesha.S, Krishna Chaitanya. M, Rajendra Prasad. P

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