Status of E-Waste in India - A Review | Abstract

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Status of E-Waste in India - A Review


The mammoth generation of e-waste has created a new e-waste stream in the country containing obsolete, End of life Electrical and Electronics Equipments discarded after their intended use. The innovation, dynamism in product design and globalization replacing these equipments in very duration and made it fast growing waste in the world. E-waste is being generated by both indigenous and outsourced electrical and electronics equipments besides Basel Convention. The knowhow and compatible infrastructure for e-waste treatment is limited in India and informal recycling survived under the ambit of flexible legislative framework. The presence of toxic and hazardous substances in e-wasted equipments attracted the attention of the waste managing agencies in the country because these substances endanger the human health, environment, wherever present in uncontrolled conditions. The existence and implementation of Environmentally Sound Management is partial and progressing very slowly due to obvious reasons. The formal recyclers have commissioned comprehensive e-waste treatment facilities; but inadequate in proportion to the e-waste generation in the country since the informal recyclers are treating 95% of the e-waste generated with hazardous practices. The formal e-waste collection from all sources is ambiguous. E-waste contains a good amount of valuable recyclable materials also and has potential to become lucrative business in the country.

Mahesh C. Vats, Santosh K. Singh

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