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Thesis Open Access

Surface Modification of Cr-Mo Steel Using New Water Jet Cavitation Technology


Low-alloy steels are based on carbon steel in combination with several percent or less (in many cases 1%) alloying elements, and offer improved resistance to corrosion at a slightly higher cost than carbon steel. However, these materials do not exhibit the same corrosion resistance as stainless steel. The authors have previously developed the novel multifunction cavitation (MFC) technique, which combines ultrasonic cavitation with water jet cavitation. It has been reported that MFC-processed Cr-Mo steel (JIS-SCM435) has improved corrosion resistance in rust, and voids and cracks are not formed to any significant extent in the specimen interior. In this study, the authors investigated the cause of improvement of corrosion resistance of rust in MFC processed Cr-Mo steel (JIS-SCM435) by surface potential measurement and dissolved oxygen measurement.

Masataka Ijiri, Daichi Shimonishi, Daisuke Nakagawa, Kumiko Tanaka and Toshihiko Yoshimura

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