Vehicular Traffic Re-Routing For Avoid the Traffic Congestion in VANET | Abstract

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Vehicular Traffic Re-Routing For Avoid the Traffic Congestion in VANET


A Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) is the technology that uses moving cars as nodes in a network to create a mobile network. VANETs turn every participating car into a wireless router, allowing cars of each other to connect and create a network with a wide range. VANETs are developed for enhancing the driving safety and comfort of automotive users. The VANETs can provide wide variety of service such as Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Intelligent Vehicular adhoc network(InVANET), Dedicated short-range(DSRC), Roadside-to-vehicle communicaton(RVC)e.g. safety applications. Many of safety applications built in VANETs are required real-time communication with high reliability. One of the main challenges is to avoid degradation of communication channels in dense traffic network. Many of the studies had suggested that appropriate congestion control algorithms are essential to provide efficient operation of the network. However, most of congestion control algorithms are not really applicable to event-driven safety messages. In this work, the congestion control algorithm as solution to prevent congestion in VANETs environment. A complete validation method is used of analyse the performance of our congestion control algorithms for event-driven safety messages in different congested scenarios


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