Research & Reviews: International Journals We are an open-access journal publication that aims to serve authors and readers (scientists as well as general masses) by providing them an easy and reliable source of knowledge. We publish 42 International Journals dispersing advance knowledge in the field of Pharmacy, Medical, Nursing, Dental, Agriculture, Engineering Technology and Arts. Certified by American Montessori Council, we have developed a unique education system that is a blend of our Ancient Vedic Educations with the practice equipment of Montessori system. Research & Reviews: Medical and Clinical Oncology Volume 2, Issue 1 EvidenceBased Strategy for Cancer Prevention Advocating for the Adoption of Black Cumin Nigella sativa Herbal Gardens in Zimbabwe Noah Herbert Paul, Emma Rutendo Makozho, Ketiwe Choto, Gibson Mandikuwaza, Pricilla Chigumbu, Courtney Gwinyayi Mutambanengwe and Edson Sibanda Liquid Biopsy Golden Era of Personalized Medicine in Oncology Gowhar Shafi, Sandhya Iyer, Shruti Desai, Madhura Basavalingegowda, Shubham Kavishwar,Rambaksh Prajapati, Chandrani Achari and Prajakta Kadam Comparison and Prognostic Analysis of Elective Nodal Irradiation Using Definitive Radiotherapy versus Chemoradiotherapy for Treatment of Esophageal Cancer Keita M, Zhang Xueyuan, Deng Wenzhao, Li Juan, Su Jingwei, Shen Wenbin, Traoreacute B and Zhu Shuchai Living Longer and Living Better Paulo Luz, Beatriz Gosalbez