Research & Reviews: International Journals We are an open-access journal publication that aims to serve authors and readers (scientists as well as general masses) by providing them an easy and reliable source of knowledge. We publish 42 International Journals dispersing advance knowledge in the field of Pharmacy, Medical, Nursing, Dental, Agriculture, Engineering Technology and Arts. Certified by American Montessori Council, we have developed a unique education system that is a blend of our Ancient Vedic Educations with the practice equipment of Montessori system. Research & Reviews: Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences Volume 5, Issue 2 Genetic Factors in Renal Failure and Diabetes Mellitus in the Black Population A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis Danilo Ferreira de Sousa, Jackson Rodrigues Damasceno, Tahissa Frota Cavalcante, Maacutercio Flaacutevio Moura de Arauacutejo, Thiago Moura de Arauacutejo Nursing Care Actions to Prevent and Control the Zika Virus A Review Cheila Maria Lins Bentes, Marcos do Nascimento Bentes, Kaacutetia Cilene Godinho Bertoncello, Selma Regina de Andrade, Vera Lucia de Azevedo Lima and Maria de Lourdes de Souza Validation of an Instrument for Nursing Care for Critically Ill Patients with Trauma Francisco Mayron Morais Soares, Regilane Arauacutejo da Silveira, Kirley Kethellen Batista Mesquita, Rebeca Chaves Cruz, Raymari Dias Almeida, Camila Alves de Sousa Queiroz, Gustavo Mitsuo Cavalcante de Sousa, Gabriel Italo da Silva Rodrigues, Luzia Sibele Isiacutedio de Freitas, Monaliza Ribeiro Mariano, Paula Marciana Pinheiro de Oliveira, Italo Rigoberto Cavalcante Andrade, Wilcilene Oliveira dos Santos, Julyana Gomes Freitas Transtheoretical Model Approach to Explore the FactorsAssociated with Dementia Risk and Protection Behaviors atAgricultural Areas Luna Chang, LiLing Liao, YiWen Liou, ChaoYing Yang The Quality of Life of Patients with Chronic Kidney DiseaseUndergoing Hemodialysis Therapy Marta Hrenczuk, Weronika Koziel, Piotr Malkowski