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Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 9, Issue 2 exploring-alternative-medicine-options-for-the-prevention-or-treatment-of-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid19-a-systematic-.pdf Exploring Alternative Medicine Options for the Prevention or Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Covid19 A Systematic Scoping Review Amrita Nandan, Santosh Tiwari, Avani Srivastava, Vishwas Sharma the-knowledge-attitude-and-practices-about-biomedical-waste-management-system-in-a-tertiary-care-60-bedded-hospital-in-r.pdf The Knowledge Attitude and Practices About BioMedical Waste Management System in a Tertiary Care 60 Bedded Hospital in Rajasthan India Virender Verma1, Priya Soni2 Meenakshi Kalhan3, Sanjiv Nanda4, Anjani Kumar5, Vivek Nandan6 outbreak-investigation-of-visceral-leishmaniasis-in-borena-zone-oromia-region-ethiopia-november-2019-a-case-control-stud.pdf Outbreak investigation of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Borena Zone Oromia Region Ethiopia November 2019 A Case Control study Belay Regassa1, Negussie Deyessa2, Adamu Addissie2, Abdulnasir Abagero2, Gemechu Shumi1 , Gemechu Gudina1 Importance of Plant Nutrition Ling Chen techniques-related-to-bioimaging-in-medical-biology.pdf Techniques Related to Bioimaging in Medical Biology Mohamed Elwy Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 9, Issue 3 milk-fever-in-dairy-cows-a-systematic-review.pdf MILK FEVER IN DAIRY COWS A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW Nuraddis Ibrahim and Manzoor Ahmed Kirmani termiticidal-activity-of-ethanolic-and-n-hexane-leaf-extraction-of-calotropis-procera-cannabis-indica-and-mentha-longifo.pdf Termiticidal Activity of Ethanolic and n Hexane Leaf Extraction of Calotropis procera Cannabis indica and Mentha longifolia Against a Higher Termite Microtomes obesi Holmgren Blattodea Termitidae Khalid Z Rasib, Amir Khan, Ayesha Aihetasham, Arif Malik impact-of-coronavirus-on-noise-pollution-in-the-himalayan-city-of-dehradun-a-case-study.pdf Impact of Coronavirus on Noise Pollution in the Himalayan City of Dehradun A Case Study Kapil Kumar Joshi IFS, Er Amit Pokhriyal synthesis-characterization-docking-and-antimicrobial-evaluationof-novel-compounds-of-2phenoxy132benzodioxaphosphole2oxid.pdf Synthesis Characterization Docking and Antimicrobial Evaluationof Novel Compounds of 2Phenoxy132Benzodioxaphosphole2OxideOxo Azetidin and Pyrazol5OneMannich Bases Madhavi Devarakonda, BSaritha, YNSpoorthy and LKRavindranath assessment-of-patient-satisfaction-and-associated-factors-withservices-provided-at-outpatient-departments-of-primaryhosp.pdf Assessment of Patient Satisfaction and Associated Factors withServices Provided at Outpatient Departments of PrimaryHospitals in Gurage Zone Southern Ethiopia Dereje Mesfin Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 9, Issue 4 adipose-tissue-an-endocrine-organ.pdf Adipose Tissue An Endocrine Organ Mehmet VAROL bioethics-involving-public-health.pdf Bioethics involving Public health Samuel Bonaya Buya Logistic Formula in Biology and Its Application to COVID19 in Japan Akira Kokado,Takesi Saito plasmolysis-in-plants.pdf Plasmolysis in plants Roshni Choubey review-on-phenotypic-characterization-of-indigenous-chicken-and-farmer-breeding-trait-preference-ecotype-in-sekela-wored.pdf Review on Phenotypic Characterization of Indigenous Chicken and Farmer Breeding Trait Preference Ecotype in Sekela Woreda Northern Ethiopia Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Advancements of Biology in the Real World The Pathology of Atherosclerosis Mohamed Elwy Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy Adnan Ayan Elements of Biocatalysis Mahtsabisa MG Effects of Rutin and Injection of Various Antioxidants on Experimental Acute Pancreatitis Kayumov Khasan Yusupovich, Kuchkarova Lyubov Salijanovna , Safarova Orsquogrsquoiloy Sirochovna Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Recent Trends in Biology Pathogenesis of Emphysema Gelaye Gebisa Structure of Bone Marrow Edeghagba BO Adverse Effects of COVID19 Ohanmu EOnbsp Immunomodulation of Domestic Animals Using Conventional Methods and Panchgavya Rinkal Sundriyal1, Aarti Adhikari2, Siddharth Chaudhary3 The HealthRelated Microbiological Quality of Bottled Drinking Water Sold in Gondia District of Maharashtra India Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 9, Issue 5 A Note on Gymnosperm Ohanmu EO Does Education Lead the way to Maintain Good Health through Diet AK Susheela, Ashoka Fellow The Importance of Cyanobacteria and Microalgae existing in Environment Sivajothi S Safety and Effectiveness of Intravitreal Injection of Dexamethasone for Macular Edema Secondary to Retinal Vein Occlusion A MetaAnalysis Yue He, Gao Xiaorong, Dan Yujiao, Chen Jie, Tian Gang Importance of Cervical Vertebrae in our Body Priya Kumar Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 9, Issue 6 Draw your Heart Disease A Graphic Assessment of the Knowledge of Congenital Heart Disease of Patients and their Parents Kathy, Wiiliam,, Mercy Elena Grazing Effects on Butterflies in a Mediterranean Woodland Ecosystem in Northern Israel Gad IshAm1, Talia Oron2 The Ethics of BrainComputer Interfaces Identifying the Ethical and Legal Issues of Merging the Brain and Computer Houda Miftah Importance of Plant Nutrition Ling Chen Mindfulness Meditation for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain A Preliminary QuasiRandomized Controlled Pilot Study Cesare Lino1,2, Stefan NeuwerschSommeregger2, Rudolf Likar3, Paola De Bartolo Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Developmental Biology Impact of Systemic Atherosclerosis on Arteries Nitika Sharma Overview of a Blood Brain Barrier Angelika Amon Functions of Centrosomes Saytyajit T Analysis of Postoperative Bleeding in A Case of Appendiceal Mucinous Adenocarcinoma Complicated with Liver Dysfunction A Case Study Mingkun Sun, Xiaohua Niu,Wenzhong Mo,Haiyang Xin,Ling Qi2,Chaoming Tang A Brief Study about Chlorophyll Rimmi Singh Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 10, Issue 1 Zoology A Systematics Evolutionary in Animal Kingdom Queenie Munoz Marine Biology Scientific Study of Biology of Marine Life Key Mccoy Pharmacology Study of Pharmaceutical Science Related to Drugs Zera Bates Biology A Note on Forms of Life Shawn Arnold Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 9, Issue 7 Implications of Genome Editing Technology in Human Disease Targeted Therapy Bilton Ito Controlling Nematodes for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production Bilton Ito Short Note on RNA Splicing Factors and RNADirected DNA Methylation JianKang Zhu Biology and Cell Division of Cancer Cells Nishith Babu Treatment for Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI in Cats Liisa Lehtonen Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 10, Issue 2 A Note on Practice of Cultivating Plants and Livestock Salena Day An Overview of Cell Biology Vick Kinsman A Short Note on Ecology Eddie Sowle Characteristics of CT Hounsfield Unit Values in Lumbar Vertebrae and Lumbar PediclA comparative study based on CT Scans and DualEnergy Xray Absorptiometry DEXA Viet Anh Nguyen, Chi Sun, Haocheng Xu, Hongli Wang, Xiaosheng Ma, Feizhou Lu, Jianyuan Jiang Peripheral Nerve Activity Potential Difference Between Taiyang Taiyin Shaoyang And Shaoyin Liyan Jin, Chunyu Jin, Jinlong Jiang, Daoxuan Zheng Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 10, Issue 3 A Note on Forms of Genetics Storm Russell A Short Note on Physiology Anke Pereida A Short Note on Bioethics Morgan Matthews Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 10, Issue 4 Challenges and Solutions of Chinas Medical Service Pricing Lingran Su Severe Tumoral Calcinosis In Patient With Chronic Kidney Disease Kawtar Nassar, Saadia Janani A Short Note on Microbiology Cirino Linville A Short Note on Human Abdomen Stanley Robson A Brief Note on Abiogenesis Viola Byrd Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 10, Issue 6 A Medium for Facilitating Hepatitis B Virus Detection and Replication of the Virus Afin Kariper, Tuba Demirc, Dilek Bahard, Ceylan Hepokure, Armaan Canerd, Muumlge Guumllcihan Oumlnald, Selma Goumlkahmetoluf, Yusuf Tutarg Integrated Transcriptomewide Profiling and Protein Structure Analysis of Pathogenic Genes in Venous Thromboembolism Yan Che, Jing Ding, Yan Zhang How SelfControl Affects our Training and Nutrition Goals A Comparison Between Overweight Women and Bodybuilders Henry Chan, Roberta C Muzy, Paula HD Kanas, Paulo C Muzy, Antonio H Lancha Jr, Katia Rubio, Luciana OP Lancha, Ivan S Rabelo Mutation of COL2A1 in a Chinese Family with Presentations of LeggCalveacutePerthes Disease Denglu Yan, Zhaojie Wang, Zhi Zhang Leiomyosarcoma with Isolated Metastasis to the Extraocular Muscle A Case Report involving WholeExome Sequencing Yung Ju Yoo, Kyoung Yu Lee Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 10, Issue 7 Screening of Common Bean Accessions to TwoSpotted Spider Mite Tetranychus Urticae Koch under Growth Chamber Condition Alireza Taleei1, Azar Mohammadi, Reza MaaliAmiri, Mohammad Khanjani Malaria Morbidity and Mortality among Patients Admitted at a Tertiary Hospital in Congo DRC and their Correlates A CrossSectional Study Jose Gaby Tshikuka1,2, Maurice Kalukul Nsikungu, Charleine Inkembila Mupupe, Jean Kabwe Kalend, Jeanpy Kwete, Mgaywa Gilbert Mjungu Damas Magafu3, Roy Tapera4, Delphin Mwela Nkola Isolation and Characterization of Pigment Producing Bacteria From Water and Study of Antimicrobial Activity of Pigments Subi Mathew Fungal Organisms and their Significance in the Field of Biology Malcolm Greene A Commentary on the Summaries Analysis and Simulations of Recent COVID19 in Mainland China Lequan Min Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 11, Issue 1 Targeted Treatment of SoftTissue Sarcoma Anne Iren Riskjell1, ViviNelli Maumlkinin1, Birgitte Sandfeld Paulsen2, Ninna AggerholmPedersen Removing the Barrier between CellularBased and Biochemical Methods Jungjoon K Lee Genetic Engineering Balancing the Benefits and Risks for Society Yan Che The Urinary System Exploring the Anatomy Function and Common Disorders Kaleem Ahmed Modeling of Interplanetary Flight Factors Dependence between Primates Cognitive Functions Monoamine Metabolism and Individual Characteristics of Nervous System Alexandra G Belyaeva, Vladimir S Kudrin, Alexandr A Perevezentsev, OV Belov, Andrey S Shtemberg The Role of Virology in the Study and Prevention of Future Pandemics Tansukh Barupal Asthma and Allergic Reactions The Intersection of Respiratory and Immune Health Tansukh Barupal Molecular and Cellular Pathways of Cancer Biology Tahoora Mousavi Role of Photosynthesis in Biochemical Process Tahoora Mousavi Relationship Between Immunity and Stress in Human Body Alexander Perevezentsev Research & Reviews: Research Journal of Biology Volume 11, Issue 2 Diagnosis and Treatment Options of the Cerebrospinal Meningitis Roberto Intilla Haematology A Comprehensive Guide to Blood and its Disorders Roberto Intilla Biological Oceanography and Distribution Factors in Marine Biology Peter Bazoukis Importance of Digestive Enzymes for Optimal Digestive Health Peter Bazoukis Medical Genetics Clinical Practice and Treatment Options Roberto Intilla Medicinal use of Solanum Xanthocarpum Pooja Rathore, Sameer Bhagyawant, Neha Gupta Different Metabolic Pathways and Their Role in Carbohydrate Metabolism Tarun Krishna The Changing the Paradigm in Prognostic Breast Cancer Testing Based on Extracellular Vesicles Malgorzata A Witek, Steven A Soper, Andrew K Godwin A nontissue culturedependent approach for genetic transformation of iMarchantia polymorpha Li Lan Zhang, Ning Xu, Jianming Man, Luo Rui Inner and Outer Membrane Functions of Mitochondria Santosh Gopal