Research & Reviews: International Journals We are an open-access journal publication that aims to serve authors and readers (scientists as well as general masses) by providing them an easy and reliable source of knowledge. We publish 42 International Journals dispersing advance knowledge in the field of Pharmacy, Medical, Nursing, Dental, Agriculture, Engineering Technology and Arts. Certified by American Montessori Council, we have developed a unique education system that is a blend of our Ancient Vedic Educations with the practice equipment of Montessori system. Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences Volume 10, Issue 11 Seasonal Physiological Response of Salicornia Europaea L Mohamed Mohamed Abd ElMaboud Antioxidant Activities of Flavonoids and Polyphenols in Trifolium Pratense L Chuks Liu Growth and Applications of Herbicide Resistant Genes in Plants Lei Deng Infectious Plant Diseases of Pathogenic Organisms Sudisha Joshi Enhancement of Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activity of Syzygium Aromaticum L Marjana Camargo Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences Volume 11, Issue 2 Brief Note on Plant Physiology Mati Taiwo Biochemical and Genomic Features of emAzospirillumem Jessica Quecine A Brief Note on Botanical Garden Sara Spendrup A Brief History of Mycology Steve Adwick A Brief Note on Lifecycle and Uses of Fern Jessica Quine Research & Reviews: Journal of Botanical Sciences Volume 11, Issue 5 Fundamental Adaption and Dominant Mediterranean Climatic Conditions Carl Linnaeus Transformation of Antimicrobial Protein in Flowering Plants Ahmed Hassan Morphology and Pollination of Flowering Plants Adamu Muhammaddi Significance of Aromatic Plants In the Field Of Medicine Joachi Muler Color and Fragrance Variation in Different Ornamental Flora Joseph Ahaneku