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Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Special IssueS2 editorial-note-on-journal-of-chemistry.pdf Editorial Note on Journal of Chemistry nbspRahul Chand editorial-note-on-instruction-of-journal-of-chemistry.pdf Editorial Note on Instruction of Journal of Chemistry nbspRahul Chand editorial-note-on-guidelines-of-journal-of-chemistry.pdf Editorial Note on Guidelines of Journal of Chemistry nbspRahul Chand editorial-note-on-indexing-database-of-journal-of-chemistry.pdf Editorial Note on Indexing Database of Journal of Chemistry nbspRahul Chand editorial-note-on-highlights-details-of-journal-of-chemistry.pdf Editorial Note on Highlights Details of Journal of Chemistry nbspRahul chand Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 3 editorial-note-on-understanding-halogens.pdf Editorial Note on Understanding Halogens nbspnbsp editorial-note-on-the-hidden-mysteries-behind-atom.pdf Editorial Note on the Hidden Mysteries behind Atom nbsp nbsp editorial-note-on-understanding-tio2-photo-catalyst-for-remediation-of-organic-dye.pdf Editorial Note on Understanding Tio2 Photo catalyst for Remediation of Organic Dye nbsp nbsp nbsp editorial-note-on-digital-chemistry-experiments-use-a-thermal-perception-system.pdf Editorial Note on Digital chemistry experiments use a thermal perception system nbsp nbspnbsp editorial-note-on-clinical-chemistry-eponyms.pdf Editorial Note on Clinical chemistry eponyms Srihari Nichen Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 4 docking-synthesis-and-antifungal-activity-of-2-phenyl-benzimidazole-derivatives.pdf Docking Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of 2 Phenyl Benzimidazole Derivatives Sustainable Generation of Phosphate Based Fertilizers by Extraction fromBiogenic Apatite Maxmilla M application-of-nanoparticles-for-drug-deliveryagainst-viral-attack.pdf Application of Nanoparticles for Drug deliveryagainst Viral Attack nbsp nbspnbsp exploring-halogen-binding-motiifs.pdf EXPLORING HALOGEN BINDING MOTIIFS nbspnbsp separation-and-preconcentration-throughnano-clay-ninio-nanocomposite-new-sorbent.pdf Separation and preconcentration throughNano clay NiNiO nanocomposite new sorbent nbsp nbspnbsp understanding-bromine.pdf Understanding Bromine nbsp nbsp Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Special IssueS3 thermochemical-properties-of-mono-and-difluorinated-ethanols-and-its-radicals-at-different-temperatures.pdf Thermochemical Properties of Mono and Difluorinated Ethanols and its Radicals at Different Temperatures nbspHebah M AbdelWahab and Joseph W Bozzelli analysis-and-identification-of-a-semiwhite-soap-bar-by-infrared-absorption-spectra-and-a-reflectance-graph.pdf Analysis and Identification of A SemiWhite Soap Bar by Infrared Absorption Spectra and a Reflectance Graph nbspKaterina Chryssou1, Maria Stassinopoulou2, Eugenia Lampi3 Hazards of PAH and use nanomaterial for eliminate contaminants nbsp Ali Ramazani Namanomaterials A complex link between complex materials nbspnbsp Graphene Why stated as a miraculous nanomaterial nbsp nbsp nbsp Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Special IssueS4 Editorial Note on a Synthetic Chemistry Dose for the Health Crisis Nirup Bikash Mondal Editorial Note on Separation Techniques Jalal Barzin Arenes Total Concentration in Wastewaters Determined by UV Spectrometric Analysis Prasanta Kumar Hota Nanoscale Cooperative Adsorption for Materials Control Supriyo Saha HalogenAtom Transfer Enables CopperCatalyzed Amination of Alkyl Iodides Ali Gharib Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Special IssueS5 Glucaric Acid Applications Synthesis Vrushali H Jadhav How Can We Avoid Regrettable Substitution in Organic Chemistry Sowmya Sakinala The Impact of Water Purification on Medicine Production Reza Ranjbar Karimi Food Chemistry AntioxidantRich Vegetables That Aid in Disease Prevention Sri Lakshmi Ajit Arsenic Adsorption Experiments on Chalk Powder Vijayarani A, Sailaja BBV and Sirisha D Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 9 Organic Chemistry Benzene and its Derivatives Nirup Bikash Mondal Editorial on Synthetic Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Industry Kostyantyn Nasyedkin A Report on Rearrangement Reaction Ali Gharib Report on Separation of Two Compounds Using Extraction ThuyTien V Pham Report on Chromatography and its Applications Yury V Timchenko Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 10 Effect of the Position of the OH Functional Group on the Enthalpy of Combustion of Alcohols Divyamshu Surabhi1 and Dr Nagamanju S A Report on Reagents and its Quenching Methods Tsolakidou Anastasia Editiorial on Deferent Types of Organic Reactions Gopinathan Anil kumar Editorial Note on Photo Chemistry Olivier Lorthioir Synthesis and Preparation of Grignard Reagent Haojie Yu Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 11 A Report on Chromatography and Applications Daniele Giuffrida A Report on Hydrogen Gas Nikhil Aniruddha Bhave An Overview on Substitution Reactions Qinghan Li Synthesis and Analysis of 24Dinitro Phenyl Hydrazine Ashok Kumar Singh Synthesis and Applications of Quinazoline Derivatives Mostafa M Hamed Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 12 https://www./open-access/a-report-on-column-chromatography.php?aid=90789 A Report on Column Chromatography Lukas Gerstweiler Editorial on CO2 Reduction via Electrochemistry Ali Ramazani Overview on Photochemistry and its Applications Xingang Liu Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Sunkala Sharmila Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 11, Issue 2 A Short Note on Liquid Chromatography and its Types Lin Fuxian A Short Note on Photochemistry Concepts and Principles Zare Joseph A Short Note on Paper Chromatography and Its Types Zheng Chang A Short Note on Quantum Chemistry and its Mechanisms Zeen Chu A Brief Note on Thin Layer Chromatography Jessica Quine Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 11, Issue 5 Marine Ecosystem and its Detrimental Consequences Pertaining to Chemical Oceanography Takashi Yaguchi Characteristics of Flavonoids and the Plants that are Rich in Flavonoids Craig Mello Polar and Non Polar Molecules in Microwave Chemistry John Tyler Bonner Significance of Chemical Reactors in the Field of Engineering Sydney Brenner Reviews on Plant Mediated Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles and Methods of Characterisation Studies VS Sangeetha, P Christina Ruby Stella, V Bhakyajothi, S Suguna Research & Reviews: Journal of Chemistry Volume 11, Issue 6 Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanofibres from Luffa Fibres Luffa cylindrica Sarthak Nath Choudhury, Debarun Sen, Abhijit Nath Flavonoids Isolated from Onosma chitralicum of AntimicrobialPotential Shakeel Ahmad Khan, Ijaz Ahmad Fozia, Syed Anis Ali Shah, Shakeel Ahmad, Najeeb Ullah, Ibrahim Khan Synthesis of PSulfonato Calix4Resorcinarene and itsComplexation Ability with Caffeine Sumit Gangopadhyay Evaluation of the Presence and Concentrations of Nine HeavyMetals Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Cd and Pb in Five CropsHarvested From Farms Located in Kpean and Zaakpon in KhanaRivers State Nigeria Using AAS and XRF Kalagbor Ihesinachi A, Dighi Kiadum N, Adooh Dumbari L The Effect of Hydrophile and Hydrophobe Part on Surface Activity of Ester Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Moshera Z Mohameda1, Samar A Abubshait, Eqbal J Bushlaibi