Research & Reviews: International Journals We are an open-access journal publication that aims to serve authors and readers (scientists as well as general masses) by providing them an easy and reliable source of knowledge. We publish 42 International Journals dispersing advance knowledge in the field of Pharmacy, Medical, Nursing, Dental, Agriculture, Engineering Technology and Arts. Certified by American Montessori Council, we have developed a unique education system that is a blend of our Ancient Vedic Educations with the practice equipment of Montessori system. Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 5, Issue 3 editorial-note--jcmcs.pdf Editorial Note JCMCS case-reports-2018--orthopedics2018-treatment-of-proximal-femur-osteomyelitis-occurred-after-proximal-femoral-nail-antiro.pdf Case Reports 2018 Orthopedics2018 Treatment of proximal femur osteomyelitis occurred after proximal femoral nail antirotation fixation with antibiotic cementcoated tibia intramedullary nail A case report Jongho Noh Catholic University of Korea Jongho Noh, Sehoon Jung and Kee Haeng Leenbsp case-reports-2018-orthopedics2018-the-effect-of-tourniquet-time-on-pain-experienced-and-narcotics-used-during-total-knee.pdf Case Reports 2018 Orthopedics2018 The effect of tourniquet time on pain experienced and narcotics used during total knee arthroplasty Craig M McAllister Evergreen Hospital nbspCraig M McAllister case-reports-2020-platelet-rich-plasma-gel-biofiller-used-in-soft-tissue-augmentation-sherif-nakhal-ibrahim-fathi-ghonei.pdf Case Reports 2020 Platelet Rich Plasma Gel BioFiller used in soft tissue Augmentation Sherif Nakhal Ibrahim Fathi Ghoneim StGleem nbspSherif Nakhalnbsp case-reports-2020-postmenopausal-bleeding-as-a-symptom-of-endometrial-actinomycosis-in-the-absence-of-intrauterine-contr.pdf Case Reports 2020 Postmenopausal Bleeding as a Symptom of Endometrial Actinomycosis in the Absence of Intrauterine Contraceptives and With Allergy to Penicillin Tanja Petronijevic Medical Doctor from general hospital department obstetrics gynaecology nbspTanja Petronijevicnbsp Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 5, Issue 1 note-of-thanks-journal-of-clinical-and-medical-case-studies.pdf Note of Thanks Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Prof Jayme D Mancini Awards 2020 on Diabetes Endocrinology and Healthcare Prof M EDDOUKS awards-2020-on-diabetes-endocrinology-and-healthcare.pdf Awards 2020 on Diabetes Endocrinology and Healthcare Prof M EDDOUKS Past Conference Report of Europe Nursing Conference Zenaida Carbon