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Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 5, Issue 3 editorial-note--jcmcs.pdf Editorial Note JCMCS case-reports-2018--orthopedics2018-treatment-of-proximal-femur-osteomyelitis-occurred-after-proximal-femoral-nail-antiro.pdf Case Reports 2018 Orthopedics2018 Treatment of proximal femur osteomyelitis occurred after proximal femoral nail antirotation fixation with antibiotic cementcoated tibia intramedullary nail A case report Jongho Noh Catholic University of Korea Jongho Noh, Sehoon Jung and Kee Haeng Leenbsp case-reports-2018-orthopedics2018-the-effect-of-tourniquet-time-on-pain-experienced-and-narcotics-used-during-total-knee.pdf Case Reports 2018 Orthopedics2018 The effect of tourniquet time on pain experienced and narcotics used during total knee arthroplasty Craig M McAllister Evergreen Hospital nbspCraig M McAllister case-reports-2020-platelet-rich-plasma-gel-biofiller-used-in-soft-tissue-augmentation-sherif-nakhal-ibrahim-fathi-ghonei.pdf Case Reports 2020 Platelet Rich Plasma Gel BioFiller used in soft tissue Augmentation Sherif Nakhal Ibrahim Fathi Ghoneim StGleem nbspSherif Nakhalnbsp case-reports-2020-postmenopausal-bleeding-as-a-symptom-of-endometrial-actinomycosis-in-the-absence-of-intrauterine-contr.pdf Case Reports 2020 Postmenopausal Bleeding as a Symptom of Endometrial Actinomycosis in the Absence of Intrauterine Contraceptives and With Allergy to Penicillin Tanja Petronijevic Medical Doctor from general hospital department obstetrics gynaecology nbspTanja Petronijevicnbsp Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 6, Issue 1 from-caseseries-to-a-placebocontrolled-nof1-clinical-trial-of-topical-analgesics-in-the-treatment-of-peripheral-neuropat.pdf From caseseries to a placebocontrolled nof1 clinical trial of topical analgesics in the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain How to enhance the level of evidence of a casereport David Kopsky Institute for Neuropathic Pain David Kopsky and Jan M Keppel Hesselink gallbladder-volvulus-with-segmental-right-liver-lobe-hypoplasia-atrophy-a-preoperative-diagnostic-dilemma--syed-muhammad.pdf Gallbladder Volvulus with segmental right liver lobe hypoplasia atrophy A preoperative diagnostic dilemma Syed Muhammad Ali Hamad Medical Corporation Syed Muhammad Ali demonic-possession-or-something-else--mia-qureshi--worcestershire-royal-hospital.pdf Demonic possession or something else MIA Qureshi Worcestershire Royal Hospital MIA Qureshi skull-base-nonhodgkins-lymphoma--muhammad-haruna--scunthorpe-general-hospital.pdf Skull base NonHodgkins lymphoma Muhammad Haruna Scunthorpe General Hospital nbspMuhammad Haruna, P Gupta and G Dhanasekar relapsed-chronic-q-fever-endocarditis-in-a-child-in-saudi-arabia-ahmed-i-saleem--king-saud-bin-abdulaziz-university.pdf Relapsed chronic Q fever endocarditis in a child in Saudi Arabia Ahmed I Saleem King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University nbspAhmed I Saleem and Alaa M AlJuaid Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 6, Issue 6 coexistence-of-ocular-myasthenia-gravis-and-graves-disease-in-a-three-years-old-female-zaid-rasheed-al-ani-university-of.pdf Coexistence of ocular myasthenia gravis and Graves disease in a three years old female Zaid Rasheed Al Ani University of Anbar Zaid Rasheed Al Ani neurosyphilis-an-unresolved-case-of-meningitis-shagufta-ahsan-atlanticare-regional-medical-center.pdf Neurosyphilis An unresolved case of meningitis Shagufta Ahsan Atlanticare Regional Medical Center nbspShagufta Ahsan sigmoid-obstruction-caused-by-torsion-of-a-giant-ovarian-cyst-georgios-velimezis-sismanogleio-general-hospital.pdf Sigmoid obstruction caused by torsion of a giant ovarian cyst Georgios Velimezis Sismanogleio General Hospital nbspGeorgios Velimezis hydatid-disease-of-the-liver--presentation-of-four-cases-and-review-of-literature-georgios-velimezis-sismanogleio-genera.pdf Hydatid disease of the liver Presentation of four cases and review of literature Georgios Velimezis Sismanogleio General Hospital nbspGeorgios Velimezis first-reported-case-of-endophthalmitis-following-sustained-release-fluocinolone-acetonide-intravitreal-implant-mahdi-ros.pdf First reported case of endophthalmitis following sustained release fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant Mahdi Rostamizadeh Valley Retina Institute Mahdi Rostamizadeh Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 6, Issue 8 Analysis of the Effect of Aseptik Dispensing on the Workload of Inpatient Nurses Pharmacies and the Value of Mitra Keluarga Cibubur Hospital Novi Gracia, Cicilia Windiyaningsih, Ahdun Trigono Effects of Chronic Ketamine Exposure on Habenula Nucleus A Histomorphometric and Stereological Study Divya Sharma Tuberculosis TB Silent Killer Challenges and Strategies to Manage Tuberculosis during COVID19 Pandemic A Review Ajaz Ahmed Wani, Rahul kait nbspnbsp Establishment of Reference Range for FT4 in Neonates Liisa Lehtonen Renal Clearance and Urine Output Reduction in Treated Rats Samira Choopani, Mehdi Nematbakhsh Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 6, Issue 9 Short Note on Magnetic Targeting of Nanoparticles Fabio Benfenati https://www./open-access/the-role-of-dopamine-and-its-dysfunction.php?aid=90857 The Role of Dopamine and Its Dysfunction Christopher J Earley Short Note on Chronic Hepatitis B Xiaoling Zhou Short Note on Fungal Interactions Ivana Sofrenic Short Note on Inhibitory Receptors Eric O Long Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 7, Issue 2 Visceral Leishmaniasis in An Ethiopian Patient with COVID19 A Case Report Melaku Taye, Dawit Kebede, Hiruy Araya, Nebiyu Getachew, Hiluf Abate, Asrat Hailu A Case Report on Giant Thyroid Cyst with Critical Airway Compresion Irene Grao Torrente, F SaacutenchezCabezudo, MA Vaquero, P Mateacute, S Nuntildeez, JA Balsa, S Novo, AL Picardo Supralevator Abscess Presenting with Pneumoarthrosis and Retroperitoneal Air A Case Report Elisabeth Ekkel, JHain Combined Cervical Laceration and Bladder Rupture A Case Report of an Unusual Complication of Precipitated Labor Narges Ghasemi, Vahid Mehrnoush, Fatemeh Darsareh, Malihe Shirzadfard Jahromi A Rare Pathogen Comamonas Testosteroni A Case Report and Review of The Literature S Gayenur Buyukberber, Ipek Mumcuoglu, BOrkun Ozbay, Adalet Aypak, Bedia Dinc Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 7, Issue 3 Evaluation of The Use of Tranexamic acid to Reduce Blood Loss in Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty Ramzan Judge, Rabiul Ryan, Eddie ElYussif Use of Tranexamic Acid for The Treatment of ACE Inhibitor Induced Angioedema Ramzan Judge, Matthew Freidel, Farhan Qadeer Isolation of Canine Distemper Virus from Clinical Domestic Dogs in Addis Ababa Pet Clinics Ethiopia Mesfin Shurbe, Daniel Gizaw, Anwar Hassen An Overview on Epilepsy Nicholas Kadriyan Brief Note on Clinical Trails Mohsin Shafie Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 7, Issue 4 Treatment for a Bronchial Fistula at the Bronchial Membrane with Extensive Postoperative Ischemic Bronchitis Combination of a Free Pericardial Fat Pad and Muscle Flaps Masayuki Hashimoto1, Makoto Yoden1, Keiko Takeda1, Ryosuke Kaku1, Mayumi Oshio2, Satoru Sawai1 Impact of COVID19 Pandemic Era on Prevalence of Pregnant Women Seropositivity for Syphilis among Women Attending Antenatal Aare in India and Babies Diagnosed with Congenital Syphilis A CrossSectional Research Study Piyush Kumar emHelicobacter pyloriem Prevalence in Peptic Ulcer Disease Paulo Mandaric Synoptic Overview on Chronic Renal Failure Patients with Cardiovascular Disease Sanja Salinas Acinetobacter Corneal Ulcer An Ocular Involvement by An Uncommon Organism A Case Report Mahsa Sardarinia, Gholamhoseyn Aghai, Leila Ghiasian, Alireza Mohseniansisakht Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 7, Issue 5 Congenital Absence of Portal Vein Combined with Retroaortic Left Renal Vein A Case Report Anand Bhandary Panambur, Ashok Hegde, Ganesh Bhandari Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Induced Thrombocytopenia in Hepatocellular Carcinoma A Case Report Elizabeth de Marco, Kimberly Nell, Farhan Qadeer, Tiffany Pompa Synoptic Overview of Black Lung Disease in Coal Workers Nicholas Kadriyan Diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease in Patients Mohsin Shafie Management of Neonatal Sepsis with COVID19 Infection in a Premature New Born A Case Report Mahbod Kaveh, Seyyed Mohsen Sadatinejad Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 7, Issue 1 A Brief Overview on Parkinsons Disease Nicholas Kadriyan A Brief Note on Lung Disease Nicholas Kadriyan A Short Note on Tuberculosis Mohsin Shafie Introduction to Forensic Toxicology Mohsin Shafie Editorial Note on Oncology Nicholas Kadriyan Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Volume 5, Issue 1 note-of-thanks-journal-of-clinical-and-medical-case-studies.pdf Note of Thanks Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Studies Prof Jayme D Mancini Awards 2020 on Diabetes Endocrinology and Healthcare Prof M EDDOUKS awards-2020-on-diabetes-endocrinology-and-healthcare.pdf Awards 2020 on Diabetes Endocrinology and Healthcare Prof M EDDOUKS Past Conference Report of Europe Nursing Conference Zenaida Carbon