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Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 8, Issue 3 editorial-note-for-research--reviews-journal-of-dental-sciences.pdf Editorial Note for Research Reviews Journal of Dental Sciences nbspSheebaK dentistry-congress-2019-everstickposta-flexible-and-strong-material-forbetter-and-individualized-dentistry--valdas-vilki.pdf Dentistry Congress 2019 EverstickpostA flexible and strong material forbetter and individualized dentistry Valdas Vilkinis UAB Vilkiniai ir KoDental Clinic nbspValdas Vilkinis dentistry-congress-2019-microrna-expression-in-dental-pulp-stem-cells-karl-lee-kingsley--university-of-nevada.pdf Dentistry Congress 2019 MicroRNA expression in dental pulp stem cells Karl Lee Kingsley University of Nevada nbspKarl Lee Kingsley dentistry-congress-2019-mouthwashes-effect-on-surface-hardness-andaccuracy-of-lightcured-composite--saja-ali-muhsin--mid.pdf Dentistry Congress 2019 Mouthwashes Effect on surface hardness andaccuracy of lightcured composite Saja Ali Muhsin Middle TechnicalUniversity nbspSaja Ali Muhsin and Ihab Nafersquoa Yaseen dentistry-congress-2019-success-in-the-use-of-hyaluronic-acid-in-theorofacial-harmonization-a-case-report--andrade-gomes.pdf Dentistry Congress 2019 Success in the use of hyaluronic acid in theorofacial harmonization A case report Andrade Gomes Shimazu Cristiane Unifatea nbspAndrade Gomes Shimazu Cristiane Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 8, Issue 4 editorial-note-for-research--reviews-journal-of-dental-sciences.pdf Editorial Note for Research Reviews Journal of Dental Sciences nbspSheeba K taste-alteration-after-impacted-mandibular-third-molar-surgery-melika-sadat-mortazavi-qazvin-university-of-medical-scien.pdf Taste alteration after impacted mandibular third molar surgery Melika Sadat Mortazavi Qazvin University of medical sciences Iran Melika Sadat Mortazavinbsp evaluation-of-hearing-in-children-treated-with-palatal-expansion-hala-aoun-lebanese-university-school-of-dentistrylebano.pdf Evaluation of hearing in children treated with palatal expansion Hala Aoun Lebanese University School of DentistryLebanon nbspHala Aoun the-effect-of-two-different-solitary-attachments-used-to-retain-implant-assisted-mandibular-distal-extension-removable-p.pdf The effect of two different solitary attachments used to retain implant assisted mandibular distal extension removable partial overdenture on abutment alveolar bone height changes Ahmed Abosabaa Delta University for Science and Technology Egypt nbspAhmed Abosabaa infant-oral-mutilation-iom-a-world-dental-concern-francis-muthama-kinga-africa-kenya.pdf Infant oral mutilation IOM a world dental concern Francis Muthama Kinga Africa Kenya Francis Muthamanbsp Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 1 A Brief Note on Dental Hypersensitivity Hakan Geckili Periodontal Disease causes Inflammatory Conditions that Effects Tissue and Teeth Johnston Pillay A Brief Note on Root Canal Treatment Bronwyn George A Short Note on Orthodontics Richard Pauley A Note on Dental Restoration Replacement of Tooth Structure by Dental Implants Jawahar Anand Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 2 Osseointegration A Connection Between Living Bone and Dental Implant Elcia Silveira Tooth Ankylosis The Pathological Fusion Between Alveolar Bone and the Cementum of Teeth Benjamin Perez An Overview on Gingivitis and Its Causes and Symptoms Ian Davis Attitudes of PostGraduate Dental Residents in Community Health Towards COVID19 vaccination Amy Kim1, Martin Lieberman2, Etienne Franck3, Anna DrsquoEmilio4, Daniel Kane5 Can Wine Modulate Apical Periodontitis Inflammation Joatildeo Eduardo GomesFilho, Renan Dal Fabbro Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 9, Issue 11 Paediatric Dentistry Causes of Tooth Erosion A R Hernandez Martinez, Shangquan Tian Importance of Nanorobotics in Dentistry Dominic Cooper, Wenyi Yi A Brief Note on Dental Enamel and Dentine Nordestgaard B, William Davis A Note on Oral Clefts and Ectrodactyly Elie Guazzelli Role of Microbial Communities on the Tongue of HalitosisPatients Isabel Schaub Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 3 Effect of PreTreatment with CPPACP on Shear Bond Strength of Glass Ionomer Restorative Materials to Primary Teeth Jyothi Najmeh Mohammadi, Rafat Bagheri, Negar Etminan A Brief Note on Root Canal Treatment Perez Lorenzo A Brief Note on Dentures Elcia James A Brief Note on Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Samuel Silveira A Brief Note on Dental Caries Vihan Sharma Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 5 Types and Uses of Dental Anaesthesia Bronwyn George Dental Pulp Stem Cells Applications and its Functions Hakan Geckili Signs Symptoms and Causes of Oral Cancer John Stefan Roles and Responsibilities of Paediatric Dentists Lily Andrews Different Types of Dental Restorations and its Treatment Matthew Chung Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Oral Hygiene Unknown inflammation at gums leading to severe gingivits Matthew Chung Oral Hygiene and its practice Lily Andrew Root Canal Treatment Procedure and its Radiographic Analysis Roberto Alfred The Signs and symptoms of Dental Caries Samuel Silveira Dental Anesthesia Most Commonly Used Local Anesthetics Perez Lorenzo Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 7 Oral Health Instruction Improves glycaemic Control as Minimally Invasive Periodontal Therapy in Patients with Diabetes A Systematic Review Kanako Toda, Koji Mizutani and Kayoko Shinada Signs and Symptoms of Gingivitis and its Diagnosis Hakan Geckili Benefits and Advanced Procedure of Orthodontics Samuel Silveira Types of Restorative Techniques used in Tooth Fillings Bronwyn George Comprehension of Development and Advances in Dental Biomaterials Elcia James Research & Reviews: Journal of Dental Sciences Volume 11, Issue 2 Comparing the Apical MicroLeakage Caused by Various Endodontic Sealers in the Presence and Absence of Moisture Prashanth Kumar Katta Leveraging Mendelian Randomization for Causal Inference in Periodontal Research Yi Wang, Hanxin Que, Qingliang Zhang, Tengda Chu iIn Silicoi Identification of Micro RNA12245p from the Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma OSCC Human Genome Sequence Bharath K, Marina Francis Digital Dentistry Transforming Diagnostics and Treatment Planning Mathew Simon Revolutionizing Oral Care The Latest Advancements in Dental Instruments Mathew Simon Oral Hygiene Awareness Campaign and Preventive Care Measures George Welson Characteristics and Therapy of Tooth Decay Yi Wang Classification of Signs and Causes of Edentulism in Humans Yi Wang Complications and Techniques of Dental Implantation Lian Huang Medical Uses and Risk Factors of Orthognathic Surgery Lian Huang