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Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 7 The Habitat Preference of Hartebeest Antelopes Alcelaphus buselaphus in Bouba ndjidda National Park North Region Cameroon Melle Ekane Maurice, Kamgang Serge Alex, Ewane Divine, Kamah Pascal Bumtu, Mbole Veronique, Esong Lionel Ebong PRINCIPLES OF EARTH JURISPRUDENCE AND NIGERIAN ENVIRONMENTAL LAW OPTIONS AND CHALLENGES FOR INTEGRATION Opeyemi A Gbadegesin Performance of the novel natural coagulant of Vicia villosa Roth in the investigation of coagulationflocculation and sedimentation processes in drinking water treatment Shahram Sharifi, Morteza Hosseini and Hassan AminiRad Variation in Macro Invertebrates Communities in Streams in Above and Below Dam A Case of Kulekhani Dam Makawanpur Nepal Manisha Ghimire, Tejendra Regmi, Rajeshwor Shrestha Development of Characteristics of Tea Waste Based Mixtures for the Removal of Fluoride in Water A Case Study with Selected Concentrations of Fluoride in Water Sandani Buddhima Abewickrama, Daham Jayawardana, Kalpana Dissanayake, Kuis Gunathilake, PLHerath Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 12, Issue 1 Incremental Factor Catalyzing Climate Change Mikolaj Kuca Preserving the Pulse of Life The Imperative of Conserving Endangered Species Padma Raj Exploring Genetic Evolution Through Molecular Insights Aoi Obayashi The Imperative Preservation of Coastal Habitats For Environmental Conservation Clive Sama Exploring Effective Pest Management Strategies for a Sustainable Future Alban Greer The Role of Keystone Plant Species in Ecosystem Dynamics Dalia AlMaghrabi Vector Control Safeguarding Public Health and Preserving the Environment Frederick Welshons Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 11, Issue 4 The Influence of International NonGovernmental Organizations and Youth Movements in Propelling Global Climate Norms Rose Govindaraj, Samuel Paul Raj Restoration Techniques for Degraded Steppe Courses Diachronic Study in the Laghouat Region Southern Algeria Maidi Saliha, Amghar Fateh The Impact of Tourist Destinations on Wildlife in Northern Finland Esa Huhta Evaluation of Hydrologic Data for Irrigation System Design A Case Study Uche E Uche Assessment of PhysicoChemical Properties of Ground Water in Sankari Granite Mining Areas Salem District Tamil Nadu India C Sakthivel, A Thirunavukkarasu iAedes aegyptii in Maryland The Need for Elevated Vector Surveillance At The Face of a Dynamic Climate Roy Faiman, Autumn Goodwin, Jaykob CaveStevens, Alyssa Schultz, Jewell Brey, Tristan Ford Radon Level Approximation and the Corresponding Health Effects The Southern Benue Groundwater Sources Analysis Andrew Ichoja1, O O Agboola2, E E Onwoke1, EDOnoja1, N Habila3 and E O Adejo1 Application of Sustainable Agricultural Solid Wastes for the Adsorption Removal of Malachite Green from Wastewater Melkamu Biyana Regasa, Agesa Abdisa Hambisa Standardization of Different Doses and Duration of Plant Derived Smoke Water on Growth Yield and Yield Attributing Traits of Linseed iLinnum usitatissimumi L LCK9312 B Lohitha, Prashant Kumar Rai Invasion of Exotic Plant Species in RuralUrban Gradient in Jharkhand India Their Harmful Effects and Beneficial Uses Shambhu Nath Mishra, Prasanjit Mukherjee, Rahul Kumar Preserving Biodiversity The Imperative for Ecosystem Resilience Mounica Patnaik Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 11, Issue 2 Crossing 3D Forest An R Package for Evaluating Empty Space Structure in Forest Ecosystems Nicola Puletti1, Rossella Castronuovo2, Carlotta Ferrara2 Batch Adsorption of Methyl Green Dye using Activated Carbon Derived from Corn Cobs Akande JA, Adeogun AI, Ogunniran KO, Olayemi I Research Trends of Propithecus coquereli A Bibliometric Analysis Amanda Suzzi Biological Interaction and Homeostasis in Evolution Dozie Iwuh Emerging Contaminants and Public Health Environmental Risk and Innovative Controls AbdulWahab Tahiru, Ebenezer John Atsugah, Samuel Jerry Cobbina Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Recent Trends in Environmental Disasters Affect Ecosystems Importance of Incineration Plant Technique in Tampere Finland Whitny Burows Composting Home Composting Anaerobic Digestion and Microbial Fuel Cell Rebecca Sims Emerging Waste Valorisation Techniques in Ecological System Devansh Muni Wastewater from an Industrial Process Conversion at Treatment Victor Beker Importance and Challenges involved in Global Waste Trade Devansh Muni Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Current issues of Ecology A Detail Explanation of Waste Management or Waste DisposalSystems Devansh Muni Principles of Waste Management and its History Danielle Ramsy A Commentary on Modern Era of Waste Management Rubela Mitchel A Brief Note on Waste Handling Practices Kiran Biley Financial Models of Solid Waste Management in Most Developed Countries Victor Becker Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Exploring the Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Marine Sustainable management practices and Modern Technology Vishnu Shankar Lal The Importance of Protecting Sea Life for a Healthy and Sustainable Future Ogawa Yuka The Interconnectedness of Trees and the Ecosystem A Closer Look Stephen Twister The Negative Impacts of Pollution on Ecosystems Effects on Natural Habitats Biodiversity and Food Safety Vishnu Shankar Lal The Tree of Life Understanding Evolutionary Relationships through Phylogenetics Stephen Twister Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Urban Environments and Climate Change Assessing Risks and Health Impacts A Significant Impact on Various Aspects of Life Including Food Supply Vishnu Shankar Lal The Vital Importance of Conservation Protecting Our Natural Resources and Biodiversity for a Sustainable Future Vishnu Shankar Lal Exploring the Vital Role of Plant Ecology in Human Life Ogawa Yuka Preserving Biodiversity The Vital Role of Wildlife Ecology in Protecting Endangered Species and Ecosystems Stephen Twister Exploring the Contrasting Worlds of Urban and Rural Environments Differences Similarities and Implications for Human Life Noboru Cao Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Major hazards of the Environment The Devastating Effects of Acid Rain on Our Ecosystems Belay Yadeta Negera Population Pressures Exploring the Social Economic and Environmental Consequences of Overpopulation Belay Yadeta Negera Understanding the Process of Biological Evolution Varad Ballabh Marine pollution The Hidden Costs of Human Activity on Our Marine Ecosystems Varad Ballabh Impacts of Global Warming on the Environment Nasib Rahaman Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 11, Issue 1 Revolutionizing Agriculture with Bioinoculants Exploring their Benefits and Versatile uses Jee Chae Effective Weed Management Techniques for Healthy Crops and Gardens Alisa Danon The Greenhouse Effect on Agriculture How to Minimize the Impact of Climate Change Jee Chae Taiwanese Consumers Risk Perception and Purchase Intention towards Abnormally Shaped Foods YenLun Su Management and Impacts of Biological Invasions Progress and Challenges in the Field Sophie Bates The Vital Role of Ecological Conservation in Preserving Biodiversity Sophie Bates Conservation of Terrestrial Food Webs Challenges and Opportunities for Ecological Research and Management Rhea Wade Impacts of NonNative Species on Land Use Prevention and Management Strategies for Ecosystem Protection Rhea Wade Nutrient Pollution Impacts and Strategies for Prevention and Management Trista Row Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 9, Issue 6 editorial-note-on-research--reviews-journal-of-ecology-andenvironmental-sciences.pdf Editorial note on Research Reviews Journal of Ecology andEnvironmental Sciences termiticidal-activity-of-ethanolic-and-n-hexane-leaf-extraction-of-calotropis-procera-cannabis-indica-and-mentha-longifo.pdf Termiticidal Activity of Ethanolic and n Hexane Leaf Extraction of Calotropis Procera Cannabis Indica and Mentha Longifolia Against a Higher Termite Microtomes Obesi Holmgren strategic-factor-analysis-of-solid-waste-management-in-south-western-ethiopia-the-case-of-jimma-metropolitan-city.pdf Strategic Factor Analysis of Solid Waste Management in South Western Ethiopia The Case of Jimma Metropolitan City Berhanu Megerssa a-review-over-impact-on-environment-and-risks-on-public-health.pdf A Review Over Impact on Environment and Risks on Public Health nbspShyam Bass Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 6 Need for Emergency Response to Wetlands Loss Prevention in Southwestern Nigeria A Review Adeleke Benjamin Oluwafemi Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 5 To What Extent is the Severity of Oak Tatters Affected by the Treesrsquo Proximity to an Agricultural Field Elizabeth Smith Issues and Crises of Energy Resources in Pakistan Rehana Baloch Environmental Impacts of CoalMines of Maharashtra StateA Study of Geography YSNagarale Urban Growth and the Challenge of Water Security A Case Study of Iwo Osun State Nigeria Timothy O Ogunbode, Ifabiyi I Paul Effect of Sowing Dates on Growth Yield and Juice Quality of Sweet Sorghum Genotypes in Kharif Season emSorghum Bicolorem emL Moenchem Gaurav Pagire Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 4 The Comparative Study of Antioxidants in Plants of East Georgian Arid Habitats Yagludja and Kvernaqi hills Gulnara Badridze Brief Overview on Observations on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Stability Vishnu Shankar Lal Note on Molecular Evolution and the Various Levels Lindsey Mart Note on Management of Ecological Succession Rowan Clem Establishing GARA IFAA as Forest Species Restoration Gene Bank Site for Biodiversity Conservation Shashemene District Ethiopia Juhar Zemede Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 3 Brief Note on Invasion Ecology Vishnu Shankar Lal Legal Basis of Environmental Management Challenges With Enforcing And Sustaining Environmental Compliance Emil M Aliyev Environmental Sciences Advanced Modelling Techniques Lindsey Mart The Effect of Coffee Expansion and its Management on Regeneration of Natural Forest in Gidame Woreda West Ethiopia Yadesa Akena A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree ldquoCan Deep Sea Water be Processed into Potable Water and Distributed into the Middle Eastrdquo Diane Roessler Weinert Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 10, Issue 2 Extracting Solid Waste from Elephant Dung Inside Protected Areas Odisha India Analysis of Effects of Pollutants on Microbial Diversity of Vaigai River Agrochemical Application Practices and their Level of Toxicity on Honeybee Eskindir Amanuel, Amssalu Bezabeh, Moges Dereje Impacts of Eucalyptus Plantations on Soil Physiochemical Properties and its Economic Implications of Jarso Woreda West Wollega Zone of Oromia Dessalegn Etana, Shabu Jemal Adverse Effects of Different Detergents on Fish A Review Seujpriya Borah Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 9, Issue 3 urban-rain-flood-ecosystem-and-comparison-of-flood-risk-management-in-ukand-china.pdf Urban Rain Flood Ecosystem and Comparison of Flood Risk Management in UKand China nbspSanjana Kesarwani Environment Mercury Uses and Human Exposure nbspSanjana Kesarwani application-of-plastics-and-its-effect-on-marine-environment.pdf Application of Plastics and its Effect on Marine Environment nbspOlivia Thompson Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 9, Issue 5 sighting-of-rare-colour-intermediacy-in-an-indian-paradise-flycatcher-in-uttarakhand.pdf Sighting of Rare Colour Intermediacy in an Indian Paradise Flycatcher in Uttarakhand nbspSibadatt Rath Toxicity of Microplastics and Nano plastics in Environment and Health Effects in Mammalians A Review Enzo https://www./open-access/a-case-study-on-the-bioaccumulated-organochlorines-in-fish-relative-to-their-inhabitant.php?aid=90438 A Case Study on the Bioaccumulated Organochlorines in Fish Relative to Their Inhabitant Manisha, Aradhna Gupta the-effects-of-biophilic-design-on-peoples-psychological-outcomes.pdf The Effects of Biophilic Design on Peoples Psychological Outcomes Minoo Assari response-of-different-nutrients-on-growth-and-yield-of-rapeseed-crop-pr20061-pant-rai-19-in-dehradun-valley-brassica-nap.pdf Response of Different Nutrients on Growth and Yield of Rapeseed Crop PR20061 Pant Rai 19 in Dehradun Valley Brassica napus L Reshma Rana Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 9, Issue 2 bimenabled-energy-analysis-for-sustainability-a-case-study-of-high-rise-building.pdf BIMEnabled Energy Analysis for Sustainability A Case Study of High Rise Building Irbaz Hasan, Syed Shujaa Safdar Gardezi, Usman Hussain sustainable-pavement-construction-using-polyethylene-terephthalate-pet-polymer-waste-plastic-bottle-as-soil-stabilizer.pdf Sustainable Pavement Construction Using Polyethylene Terephthalate PET Polymer Waste Plastic Bottle as Soil Stabilizer Eduardo B Leron innovative-construction-reinforcement-medium-using-crushedglass-an-experimental-riskwaste-reduction-research.pdf Innovative Construction Reinforcement Medium Using CrushedGlass An Experimental RiskWaste Reduction Research E Jr B Leron, AM B Guevarra, AR G Roluna, J R Tan, SJL G Zalun sighting-of-a-rare-colour-intermediary-in-an-indian-paradise-flycatcher-in-uttarakhand-india.pdf Sighting of A Rare Colour Intermediary in an Indian Paradise Flycatcher in Uttarakhand India Plastics reusing and squander management A Revision Nitin Parashar, Banu Pratap, Kritika Singh and Yash Kapoor Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 9, Issue 1 Environmentally Sustainable Sewage Management Strategy A Case of Jamshedpur India Anindita Bhattacharjee, Dr Sheetal Kamble, Dr Akshey Bhargava selfsufficient-submerged-vehicles-have-become-adaptable-apparatuses-for-investigating-the-oceans.pdf SelfSufficient Submerged Vehicles Have Become Adaptable Apparatuses for Investigating the Oceans nbspSam Davidson The Overflow Impact Of Marine Reserves nbspAndrew Gibson Researchers Tackle Environmental Change Secret nbspRonu Jenkins accepting-solar-energy-climbing-down-the-carbon-ladder.pdf Accepting Solar Energy Climbing Down the Carbon Ladder nbspMarry Martin Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 8, Issue 4 covid19-outbreak-study-of-its-impact-on-global-environment.pdf COVID19 outbreak Study of its impact on global environment Tooba Qamar and Prachi Srivastava acknowledgement-to-reviewers.pdf Acknowledgement to Reviewers nbspDr Jenna editorial-note-on-research--reviews-journal-of-ecology-andenvironmental-sciences.pdf Editorial note on Research Reviews Journal of Ecology andEnvironmental Sciences nbspDr Jenna effect-of-varying-concentrations-of-synthetic-fertilizer-in-combination-with-vermiwash-on-growth-and-yield-of-black-gram.pdf Effect of varying concentrations of synthetic fertilizer in combination with vermiwash on growth and yield of black gram cultivar pant urd31 under dehradun region of uttarakhand Nikhilesh Negi, Anil Kumar Saxena, Suneeta Singh, Priyanka Bankoti, Mukesh Kumar Verma and Kajal Mauraya water-should-be-considered.pdf Water should be considered Khalidullin Oleg Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Volume 11, Issue 3 Aboveground Biomass Allometric Model Development for Cashew in Cameroon Noumi Valery Noiha1, Djongmo Victor Aweacute2, Bi Tra Aimeacute Vroh3, Mbobda Bruno Roger Tabue4, Boris Nyeck5, Louis Zapfack6 The Natural Capital of the Colombian Pacific Basin Challenges for a Megadiverse Region with Little Government Assistance Ceacutesar Augusto Ruiz Agudelo Grazing Intensity and Socioeconomic Activities in Wadi Allaqi Biosphere Reserve South Egypt Kamal H Shaltout1, Yassin M Al Sodany2, Ashraf H Salem3 , Mohamed G Sheded4 Water Quality Analysis of the Thorgren Naturalized DetentionBasin Zuhdi Aljobeh1, Rick Gillman2, Cruz Ibarra1 Environmental Changes and Evolution of Morbidity due toMalaria A Case Study of Burundi East Africa Claver Sibomana1, Tatien Masharabu1, Celestin Havyarimana1,2, Joseph Nyandwi3,4