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Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 9, Issue 2 editorial-note-on-journal-of-engineering-and-technology.pdf Editorial Note on Journal of Engineering and Technology Chauhan H Synthesis Structural Electrical and Electrochemical properties of Vanadiumdoped lithium titanate Li4Ti5xO12Vx as electrode material for lithiumion battery AFTAB ASGHAR, USMAN ASGHAR, MUHAMMAD AWAIS, SEEMAB GHAZANFAR, M AHAD KHAN and MBILAL YAMEEN Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 10, Issue 1 structure-control-and-thermal-performance-of-polyphthalamide-with-different-molecular-architecture.pdf Structure Control and Thermal Performance of Polyphthalamide with Different Molecular Architecture Hong Yin application-of-modified-cashew-nut-shell-liquid-as-curing-agent-in-natural-rubber-vulcanization.pdf Application of modified cashew nut shell liquid as curing agent in natural rubber vulcanization nbsp Anoma Thitithammawongnbsp coaxial-electrospinning-of-peopcl-nanofibers-containing-medicago-sativa-extract-for-wound-healing-applications.pdf Coaxial electrospinning of PEOPCL Nanofibers containing Medicago sativa extract for wound healing applications Elnaz Tamjidnbsp studies-on-the-effect-of-hybrid-reinforcement-of-graphene--cnts-on-the-aluminum-matrix-composites--prepared-by-powder-me.pdf Studies on The Effect of Hybrid Reinforcement of Graphene CNTs On The Aluminum Matrix Composites Prepared By Powder Metallurgy Omayma Elkady thermal-investigation-of-phase-change-materials-based-on-lldpe-paraffin-wax-and-expanded-graphite.pdf Thermal investigation of phase change materials based on LLDPE paraffin wax and expanded graphite Mustapha Karkri Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 11, Issue 1 A Brief Note on Biomedical Engineering Sunil Sharma A Commentary Essay on Disruptive Innovation Steven Si, Yushan Yan A Brief Note on Metallurgy Yushan Yan A Subfields of Electrical Engineering Steven Si A Brief Note on Tissue Engineering Kefale Adefris Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 11, Issue 4 Brief Overview of Nigeria Telecommunication Network Agbaje MO, Bukola O, Ahmed J, Mathias M A Brief Note on Systems Engineering Ehab Gomaa Synoptic Overview on Power Electronics and their Usage Sunil Sharma A Brief Overview of Multicore Processor Kefale Adefris Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 11, Issue 5 External and Internal Types of Corrosion Engineering Ehab Gomaa Control Fundamentals and Applications of Instrumentation Engineering Ehab Gomaa New Analogical Types of Simple Movable Elements nbspSunil Sharma The Basic Method Analysis of Electrical Engineering Steven Si Shredding Machine Development for Recycling Process of Waste Plastic Bottles Ejiko SO Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 11, Issue 6 The Prospective of Artificial Neural Network ANNs ModelApplication to Ameliorate Management of Post DisasterEngineering Projects Rasha A Waheeb1, Kusay A Wheib2, Bjoslashrn S Andersen3, Rafea AlSuhiili4 A Review of Turning of Hard Steels using Different Cutting Tool Materials and Machining Parameters Priya Shinde, S D Deshmukhnbsp The Relationship of the Composition of Sorting Components with The Properties of Multicomponent Yarns Obtained by Fibrous Waste Cluster Management in Textiles Ismailov Nurulla Tuychiboevich1, Khaidarov Khabibullo Hamidullaevich2 Application of Levenberg Marquardt Based Back Propagation Neurointelligence Algorithm in Studying the Cutting Parameters Effect on Thrust Force Hole Diameteral Accuracy in Drilling of Aluminum Alloys Hossam M Abd Elrahman Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 11, Issue 7 Note on Medical Equipment and their Responsibilities of the Healthcare Technology Management Professional Abdsmat Yuldshev An overview on Specializations of Geological Engineering Luiano Rota Main Subjects of Naval Architecture Its Structures and Construction Abdsmat Yuldshev A Brief Note on Blue Print and Its Process Luiano Rota Main Objectives of Earthquake Engineering and Its Simulation Visal Kumar Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 12, Issue 2 Explanation of Various Advantages and Applications of Iterative Plan Stacy Leb Recent Improvements and Composition in Layers of Printed Circuit Board Vishal Kumar Explanation about Human Computer Interaction and Interface Vishal Kumar Implementations and Efficiency of Auxiliary Power Stacy Leb Applications and Common Challenges of the Marine Engineering Luiano Rota Feasibility Study on the Mining Engineering Its Discovery and Determination Luiano Rota Classification of Power Electronic Systems and Use of Devices Stacy Leb The Five Main Principles and Applications of Computational Intelligence Abdsmat Yuldshev Exploring the Service System and Types of Service Design Process Vishal Kumar Stator and Armature of the Electric Motor and Magnetic Field on the Rotor Stacy Leb