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Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology Volume 10, Issue 3 Different Methods in Preparation of Canner Food Shuji Ogino Chemical Composition and Nutrients Content in Organic Milk John Henry Hot Air Roasting Methods for the Preparation of Almonds Hemrajsinh Chhasatiya, Govind Tagalpallewar, Paresh Bhoi, Milee Santoki, Krishani Trivedi Food Sovereignty and its Importance Renaldo George Different Types of Fishes and Molluscs Used in Food Industry Paul Katharine Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology Volume 10, Issue 4 Food Browning Control using Physical Methods Kirti Shyam Food Fortification Process and its Products Fabian Birkowski Review on the Trend of Goat Milk Production Consumption Challenges and Opportunities in Ethiopia Ararsa Gutema Kula Modeling Grape Leaf Quality using Image Processing Technique Mohammad Mohammadi Hashemi1, Omid Bahmani2 Classification and Characterization of Yogurt Yan Zhang Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology Volume 10, Issue 5 The Food Energy usage in the Human Body and its Recommended Daily Intake Leslie Cohen Dairy Farming Industries Pattern in India Kyo Tominaga Food Fortification Using Some Natural Ingredients Selena Lyons Nutrients Available in Milk Protein Concentrate Polly Bell Storage of Different Food Components Under Varied Temperature Conditions Molly Cooper Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology Volume 10, Issue 6 Basic Functions and Different Types of Food Packaging System The Response of Microbes to Physiological Factors in the Importance of Microbial Physiology nbspnbsp Physical and Chemical Methods Involved in Enzymatic Browning nbspnbsp Butter Production and its Types in Dairy Products nbsp Various Types of Components and Different Challenges in Agriculture Food Systems nbspnbsp Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology Volume 11, Issue 1 A Commentary on Advanced Techniques to Preserve Meat using Enzymes Danielle Ramsey Sustainability of Packed Foods at Fluctuated Conditions Rubella Mitchell Sustainability and usage of Ingredients for Food Preservation Kingsley Moore Applications and Risk Factors Involved in Food Fermentation Kieran Bailey The Significance of Food Safety and its Regulation in the Food Industry Victoria Becker A Commentary on Fermented Drinks used in Alcoholic Beverage Rosemary Yates Strategies Involved in Monitoring and Refining Herd Health Programs Whitney Burrows An Overview on Importance of Milk Preservation Methods in Dairy Farming Rebecca Sims A Detail Explanation on Feeding Weaning and Milking in Dairy Farming Victoria Becker The Importance Benefits and Strategies used in the Food Industry Market Analysis Yan Zhang Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology Volume 11, Issue 2 A Commentary on Organic Food Culture and its Critical Consumption of Food Kim Jung Seok The Development of National Variation and Food Policies Kim Jung Seok A Commentary on Organic Milk Products and Comparison with Conventional Milk Suan Sen Sustainability and usage of Organic Food Markets and its Growth in Different Countries Suan Sen The Importance and Development of Nutritional Deficiencies in Fortification Process A Short Communication Zohra Mahamed Benefits and Strategies used in Food Production and Processing Zohra Mahamed Preventive Treatments Involved in Nutritional Genomics and its Applications Freddie Marlin Sustainability and Usage of Food Additives and its Classification Freddie Marlin Pharmaceutical Applications of Neutraceuticals and its Dietary Supplements Jina Yan Evaluation of Food Safety and its Regulations in Food Additives Jina Yan Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology Volume 11, Issue 4 Bioinformatics Applications for Enhanced Food Safety and Production Shane Douglas Microbial Spoilage Indicators and Insights through Microbiological Analysis Devansh Muni Emerging Technologies in Food and Dairy Processing An Overview Danielle Ramsey Ensuring Edible Security and the Crucial Role of HACCP in Food Safety Reiko Nishihara Exploring the Multifaceted Diverse Function of Enzymes in Food Jean Nachega Fermentation Dynamics in Food Processing Shuji Ogino Significance of Mass SpectrometryBased Lipidomics in Food Science Mohammad Shaik Novel Technologies for Milk Processing An Overview of Progress in the Dairy Sector James Smith Strategies for Preventing Pathogenic Risks in Food Qiao Zhang Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Agriculture and Dairy Through Digital Transformation Aysen Filimonau Research & Reviews: Journal of Food and Dairy Technology Volume 9, Issue 2 FoodProcessing and Preparation Practices of Food IndustriesWastes ByProducts Dagati James Effects of Smaller Portions and Analysis in Testing FoodAuthenticity Nina Langen Analysis of Global Water Crisis with Service Learning Aysen Filimonau Identification and Biological Characteristics of Hantaviruses inAgricultural and Forestry Workers Abrar Kaihan Horticultural and Ecology of SarsCov2 to Translate EmergingChronic Disease Adina Berg